It is urgent to incorporate anti-corruption strategic lines into development plans

The Transparency Committee for Santander urged local and departmental authorities to include citizens’ proposals on anti-corruption within their development plans.

The Cristal Alto neighborhood of Bucaramanga

On May 31, the Territorial Development Plans will be approved, which will be the roadmap of local authorities for the next four years. In this sense, citizen oversight bodies such as the Transparency Committee for Santander They asked the mayors and Government of Santander to incorporate into their plans strategic lines for the fight against corruption and open government.

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According to the oversight body, there are a series of crucial issues in the current public agenda of Open Government and the fight against corruption that can guide the formulation of objectives, strategies, programs and projects that guarantee a consistent vision on the matter at the territorial level.

Topics such as meritocracy in the CPS, prioritization of bidding processes, adoption of standard specifications and Monitoring of the School Feeding Plan, PAEare some of the goals necessary to guarantee government transparency in the next four years in Santander.

Prefer the use of contracting modalities that imply free competition of offers, leaving direct contracting as an exception mechanism in accordance with legal causes. Equal conditions for the plural participation of offers in public procurement generates an environment of trust in the administration and strengthens democratic processes of citizen participation”says Transparency for Santander.

Likewise, the Committee recommends strengthening strategies to facilitate access by citizens and oversight bodies to the contractual and administrative information of the different administrations of the department such as the creation of open data portals, accountability, participatory budgets and strengthening of digital services and online government.

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National plans

Likewise, the Anti-Corruption Citizen Agendas, ACA, present concrete proposals that could strengthen the management of local governments throughout the country.

For the agency, it is important to insist that local authorities adopt and implement the proposals of the Anti-Corruption Citizen Agendas in Development Plans, tools that will later serve to monitor and evaluate their implementation.

Anti-Corruption Citizen Agendas are a driver of regulation and public integration at the local level. It will be crucial to actively monitor these proposals in the implementation of the PDT”said Claire Launay, director of Initiatives with Civil Society.

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