Hospital Dr. Gustavo Fricke SSVQP celebrates Heritage Day with “A Journey in Time” – Radio Festival

Hospital Dr. Gustavo Fricke SSVQP celebrates Heritage Day with “A Journey in Time” – Radio Festival
Hospital Dr. Gustavo Fricke SSVQP celebrates Heritage Day with “A Journey in Time” – Radio Festival

Within the framework of the 100 years of the creation of the Ministry of Health, the Dr. Gustavo Fricke SSVQP Hospital celebrated this Heritage Day with a complete display of clinical equipment and furniture, which from Sunday and throughout this week, delights children and adults through the history and hospital advances of the last century.

In detail, the Hospital has carried out arduous work collecting clinical utensils and artifacts that are on permanent display in its Museum Room, in the library of the new building, and that highlights the philanthropic and social work of its founder, pediatrician Gustavo Fricke. Schenke, which today gives its name to the establishment.

Just as it points out the Director(s) of the Hospital, Juan Carlos Gac, “We want to invite all the people of the city, of Viña del Mar, and its surroundings, to go to the Gustavo Fricke Hospital, to visit our museum hall, to visit the exhibition that we have today, on Heritage Day, where you will be able to see a series of instruments that we have used throughout the entire time that the establishment has been operational, even from those times when it was called Hospital de Viña del Mar. So the invitation is to see that, see the heritage that the establishment has, making memories and sharing.”

On the shoulders of history

Books that record the wounded from the battle of Placilla, in 1891, a stretcher that comes from the inauguration of the Hospital in 1969, surgical instruments, photographs and documents are part of this interesting exhibition. The Director of the Viña del Mar Quillota Petorca Health Service, Andrea Quiero Gelmi, I affirm that “We are part of the history and a great history of our country, in which we have had the ability to move from charity to public health management, which has achieved the achievements that have us here today, in the year 2024, dreaming and thinking, reflecting on what have been the contributions that have allowed us to deliver the tremendous successes that public health has had, the decrease in infant mortality, the increase in the life expectancy of women. Without a doubt with a tremendous management of men and women who, I insist, allow us today to stand on the shoulders of this history.”

One of the illustrious visitors was Eloísa González, TENS retired from the Pediatric Service, for whom the exhibition awakened many memories: “With children I have many, many, many memories, some painful, others are happy, others are more tender, I mean, working with children is that. (The heritage) has to be taken care of and you have to work like this, with love, when things are done with love everything works well because everything is taken care of.”

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