Cesar teachers could go on strike, they are without high-cost medications

Cesar teachers could go on strike, they are without high-cost medications
Cesar teachers could go on strike, they are without high-cost medications

On alert and with a possible stoppage of activities at hand, there are more than 8 thousand Cesar teachers due to the improvisations in the implementation of the new health system by Fiduprevisora, whose entity has collapsed the attention to the teaching profession, endangering the beneficiaries of the system.

In this sense, the Cesar Educators Association, Aducesar, spoke out through its board of directors led by Jorge Luis Rivero Larios, who assured that from the association and Fecode the national government’s proposal is correct, but it has been sabotaged by of the health entity that has not respected the rights of teachers.

For this reason, the Cesar teachers announced a 24-hour strike to call the attention of the Government and take action against the poor management that the health entity has been giving to the process, the most serious being the deficiencies in the delivery of medicines. high cost, mainly for retired teachers who require permanent control.

These irregularities would be affecting around 23 thousand users of the educators’ health system, including their families and pensioners.


He explained that the most serious thing about this situation is the lack of drugstores or medicine dispensaries, mainly high-cost ones. “There has been an improvisation on the part of Fiduprevisora ​​headed by its president, Mauricio Marín, since 28 days have passed since the implementation of the new health model and today in Cesar we still do not have the entire primary network, but There is also a lack of information about the complementary network, which is very serious,” said the president of Aducesar.

They demand from Fiduprevisora ​​no more sabotage with the implementation of this new teacher health model and obviously to fundamentally solve the serious problem that has been created in these 28 days.

He explained that the strike was scheduled for tomorrow, May 29, but was postponed until further notice, due to the call of the Colombian Federation of Education Workers (Fecode), to an extraordinary assembly to analyze this unfortunate situation.

They recalled that these negotiations, for the new health service provision model for the Teaching profession, were achieved through agreement 03 of April 1, 2024, which is a plus of agreements 3 and 9 of the old contract.

“For this reason, we as a union support the model as such, because it achieves opportunity and dignity in the provision of service, it has many benefits that were not previously covered, but unfortunately today we are outraged by the way in which the process of contracting of health entities,” added María Yamila Brito, General Secretary of Aducesar.

He assured that there were many expectations with many drugstores in Valledupar and Cesar, the contracts have not been established, directly affecting the well-being of the members. “We know that there are forces that are hindering hiring and that must be investigated to get this system out of the quagmire, which urgently needs better management.”

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