They are already planning activities for the 211th anniversary of Paraná

They are already planning activities for the 211th anniversary of Paraná
They are already planning activities for the 211th anniversary of Paraná

Marca Paraná presented the activities that are being prepared for the city’s anniversary within the framework of the monthly meeting of the Advisory Council. The agenda is developed with contributions from the organizations and areas of the Municipality that comprise it, to celebrate the 211 years of Paraná, in June.

The formation of a working group for local productive development was also proposed, among other initiatives.

Organizations from the academic, cultural, business, professional, environmental, technological, productive sectors, among others, together with the municipal government areas, met on Friday, May 24 in the Hall of the National School No. 1 “Domingo F. Sarmiento” , to follow up on numerous topics that are part of the action plan of the Paraná Brand Program; a public-private participatory space in which various sectors of Paraná society intervene.

One of the axes was the presentation of the agenda of activities carried out collaboratively to celebrate the city’s 211th anniversary in June. The proposals are concentrated mainly from June 15 to 25, coinciding with the two long tourist weekends, although there will be actions throughout the month.

“They are getting ready historical circuits, talks, exhibitions, cultural mediations, tours, festivals in different sectors of the city, fairs, among other actions, so that Paraná residents and visitors can enjoy the city, while we learn more about its historical and cultural wealth; Furthermore, this year marks 170 years of Paraná as Capital of the Argentine Confederation, so the historical dimension has a central relevance,” explained the coordinator of the Paraná Brand Program, Anabel Waigandt.

There are initiatives that are already being worked on, such as the production of podcasts about the history and identity of Parana, the search for a gastronomic dish that represents the local, the review of the application and granting process special mentions, among others.

At the same time, new projects were proposed such as the formation of a work table for the productive development of the city and the Program sponsorships, which aims at citizen participation and social responsibility through the maintenance, cleaning, conservation, improvement or construction of public spaces for the benefit of the community.

Work table

The idea is to generate a multidisciplinary space to identify investment opportunities, promote innovation and competitiveness and contribute to the productive diversification of the city, aligned with Marca Paraná’s vision of continuing to promote local development from the synergy and commitment of the actors that make up the socioeconomic fabric of the city. The initial project was presented to the Advisory Council, inviting all interested organizations to be part of this Table.

“We highlight in this management the collaborative participation and the interest that the private sector has in approaching these bodies to dialogue and carry out public policies and activities that beautify the city and add value to the economy and the productive sector,” said Councilor Luisina. Minni.

The meeting was held at the National School, a special year for the institution. “This year our National School is celebrating 110 years in its current location. The central event will be held on August 12,” said councilor Pablo Donadío, who is also part of the organizing committee for the celebrations.

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The following organizations participated in the monthly Marca Paraná meeting: Honorable Deliberative Council of Paraná, for the Municipality of Paraná: Secretariat of Government and Cabinet Coordination, Secretariat of Public Services, Undersecretary of Tourism, Undersecretary of Culture, Undersecretary of Communication, Undersecretary of Production, Undersecretary of Sports, Undersecretary of Planning, Undersecretary of Citizen Coexistence, Radio Costa Paraná, General Directorate of Open Government and Public Policy Planning, and General Directorate of Neighborhood Commissions; Eco Urbano Foundation, Mixed Tourism Entity of the City of Paraná (EMPATUR), Ñangarecó Nderejhé Association, Corporation for the Development of Paraná, National University of Entre Ríos, Faculty of Economic Sciences UNER, Faculty of Education Sciences UNER, Faculty of Social Work UNER, Universidad Católica Argentina Paraná Campus, National Technological University Paraná Regional Faculty, Paraná Hotel and Gastronomic Business Association, Entre Ríos Cereal Exchange, Paraná Delegation Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Entre Ríos, College of Architects of Entre Ríos – Regional ONO, Commercial and Industrial Center of Paraná, Chamber of Commerce of the Microcenter of Paraná, Technological Pole of the city of Paraná, Business Council of Entre Ríos, Association of University Professional Entities of Entre Ríos, Union of Communities of Entre Ríos, Paraná Bureau Congresses and Conventions, Grupo Comunicar, College of Public Real Estate Brokers of Entre Ríos, College of Civil Engineering Professionals of Entre Ríos, College of Lawyers of Entre Ríos Paraná Section, National Institute of Industrial Technology and Argentine Chamber of Construction Entre Ríos Delegation .

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