Coffin falls from hearse on central avenue of Santiago de Cuba

Coffin falls from hearse on central avenue of Santiago de Cuba
Coffin falls from hearse on central avenue of Santiago de Cuba

The phrase “reality is stranger than fiction” has never been so accurate than in relation to the unprecedented and painful scene that took place this Monday in the city of Santiago de Cuba when a coffin fell from a hearse and he was left lying in the middle of a central and busy avenue.

The unfortunate event, reported by communicator Yosmany Mayeta on his Facebook profile, occurred on Victoriano Garzón Avenue, in front of a children’s day care center and in a very busy area of ​​the eastern city, a few blocks from the provincial headquarters of the PCC and near from the intersection that marks kilometer 969 of the Central Highway.

Facebook Capture/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

“A few hours ago, a coffin fell from a hearse that was traveling along the central Victoriano Garzón Avenue in Santiago de Cuba,” Mayeta wrote, along with a video and photos that a person sent him.

The source explained to the journalist: “This dead body came out of the hearse, which apparently had the door half broken.”

Upon realizing this, the driver went back to pick up the coffin. Two men helped him load the box into the vehicle, while dozens of passers-by stopped to look at the unusual situation, which anyone could believe was implausible if it were not for the images that have been recorded.

Mayeta added that it is not known where the car was going, while asking his followers for “more details about this painful situation.”

He also conveyed his condolences to the family of the deceased.

Despite its unusual nature, the incident that occurred in Santiago de Cuba is not an isolated event and shows the critical economic outlook of the country, from which the funeral services, hit by the dire state and lack of vehiclesthe lack of materials for the manufacture of coffins and even the shortage of flowers for the wreaths.

Even though they are common, the scenes of funeral processions in which the coffins are carried in horse-drawn carriagestractors, motorcycles, tricycles and even, pedicabs and wheelbarrows.

In 2016, images of a body that fell from a hearse on the central corner of 23rd Street and G Avenue in VedadoHavana.

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