They set fire to a patrol car and five cars in the middle of the avenue

After crime of Emanuel López Ledesmaa delivery in the area, a group of delivery people gathered on Márquez Avenue, in the town of Martín Coronado, in the district of February 3rd, and caused serious incidents in front of the police station. In the midst of the protest, it was a Buenos Aires police patrol car set on fire. The fire also took five private cars parked.

Ledesma, 30, was murdered on Sunday of a gun shot by two motorcycle jets that they intercepted him when he was about to withdraw an order a pizzeria in Villa Bosch.

The criminals fled and stole his cell phone.

When the flames from the patrol car took over two other vehicles parked on the avenue, The commissioner came out and tried to talk with the protesters to ask them to vacate the avenue. The bikers didn’t let him speak and they told him that they would stay there until the victim’s wake.

The commissioner was the recipient of the insecurity claims. “Do something for the people, please, they are killing us. They are killing us in the street,” one of the delivery drivers told him.

“Justice for Manu, a hard-working kid. They are killing the kids who go out to work. We are here because they don’t give us answers, every time they rob you they come up with any invention. Are you going to tell me that they don’t know who steals, who kills, who sells? They know everything,” said a colleague of Emanuel, pointing to the headquarters of the Fifth Police Station of Tres de Febrero, where a dozen agents gathered at the door to guarantee the security of the facility.


The word of a neighbor who went to demonstrate after the death of the young delivery man in Tres de Febrero.

After 6:20 p.m. he arrived in the area. Departmental Support Group (GAD) of the Buenos Aires Police to evict the protesters and prevent the incidents from continuing. The firefighters, in parallel, They put out the fire that spread through the parked cars.

The protest over Emanuel Ledesma’s request for justice had begun earlier at the door of the Municipality of Tres de Febrero, where incidents also occurred. The protesters threw tires and other objects at the entrance to the community headquarters run by Mayor Diego Valenzuela. They broke several of the windows in the entrance.


The delivery workers protesting the crime of their colleague threw tires and objects at the entrance to the headquarters.

From there, the protesters went to 3500 Márquez Avenue, where the Fifth Police Station is located, and the problems on public roads intensified, with the burning of vehicles and the blocking of the road.

After long minutes of tension, the police intervened, using tear gas, to clear the area. The bikers responded with stones.

The crime of the delivery man in Tres de Febrero

López Ledesma was intercepted this Sunday by the motochorros with the intention of robbery at the intersection of Campo de Mayo and Claudio Castro streets. When the victim resisted the theft of the motorcycle, the thieves they shot him three times and they fled with the worker’s cell phone, whom they left lying on the ground with his Honda Cg 150.

Emanuel López Ledesma, the delivery driver murdered this Sunday by motorcycle jets.

The injured 30-year-old man was taken away in serious condition. by the Police to the Clinic Nuestra Señora de la Merced, where his death was confirmed.

The place of the murder of the delivery man in Tres de Febrero.

UFI Number 2 of San Martín intervenes in the case, led by Dr. Fabiana Ruíz, who initiated proceedings for the crime of “homicide.”

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