Rosa Belmonte: Imperfect children | The Rioja

Carmen Iglesias says that the quality of teaching has decreased at all levels, that merit is not sought. It is no longer that it is not sought, it is that seeking it is criticized. You should not go to those who are educated with the methods of Maria Montessori, of which now, apart from schools, there are movies, books and comics. The comic is also an essay (‘The long shadow of Maria Montessori’) by the University of Salzburg professor Sabine Seichter, who accuses the thinker of promoting a racist project (she measured skulls, but that is a thing of the time) and of trying to create “a perfect child.” Okay, what’s wrong with it?

Carmen Iglesias, today Director of the Royal Academy of History, was King Felipe’s tutor. Honorato Juan Tristull was from Felipe II. We cannot expect today’s children to have the exquisite education of Felipe II, but I wish they had that of Fernando Fernán Gómez. The actor said that he was not educated, that he only knew high school.

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