The Muni set a date for the inauguration of the paved Bejarano Street

The Muni set a date for the inauguration of the paved Bejarano Street
The Muni set a date for the inauguration of the paved Bejarano Street

The initiative is part of the Capital Planis executed with municipal funds and includes sidewalks, curbs and seven bridges.

The Chief of Staff highlighted that it is the asphalt of a trunk street very important for development from the city. “The objective is that in the future it connects with the Paseo Costero and between the Valentina Sur Rural and Urbana neighborhoods,” said the official.

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The Chief of Staff, María Pasqualini, toured the work on Bejarano Street.

Public works with own funds

He highlighted that this work is with the municipality’s own funds “thanks to the surplus and the economic organization that the Municipality has that allows it to continue planning and advancing with a growing city.”

Alejandro Nicola He pointed out that practically the entire concrete slab has already been executed. He explained that the metal railings are being placed on the seven bridges, and the execution of the sidewalks and curbs is being completed.

He clarified that in order to carry out the paving of this section “we had to make a detour for vehicular traffic.”

He also highlighted the importance of one of the bridges that were developed for connectivity in the south of the city: “There is one bridge that we have built that is very important because allows the opening of Fava street, between Bejarano and Solalique. “Now we are working on the expansion of Solalique Street.”

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Bejarano Street is being paved.

We have a 1000 block plan that we have been developing. In the month of June we will be starting the bidding for some works of the Capital Plan that covers the entire city,” he said after remembering that work is also being done on the asphalt of the Necochea and Crouzeilles trunk roads.

Néstor Cubito, president of the Valentina Sur Rural neighborhood commission, highlighted that this is an important work for the connectivity and security of the neighborhood, “it is essential that the Municipality can continue with these projects.”

On the other hand, he thanked the neighbors for their patience “for the number of detours that were made in the sector. In the same way, we must continue with these works.”

Part of the Capital Plan

The paving of Bejarano is part of the Capital Plan, which the mayor designed Mariano Gaido in order to reach a thousand blocks of the entire city with the asphalt.

Several works in the streets of Valentina Sur and Provincia Unidas were being completed. The city’s neighborhoods “have the opportunity for the asphalt to arrive and to meet this historical demand that many neighbors have,” emphasized the Chief of Staff of the municipal administration.

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