why it is celebrated in Argentina and the world on May 28

He May 28 is celebrated around the world as World Burger Day. There is no doubt that it is one of the favorite foods of Argentines. In addition to traditional fast food chains, there are countless entrepreneurs who achieve success by producing and selling hamburgers in our country.

There are all kinds of versions about the origin of this dish. Some point to the Roman Empire, where a similar food was consumed, and others to the German city of Hamburg, which would explain where the name derives from.


Classic Argentine burger, with lettuce and tomato.

The origin of International Hamburger Day

The official history of hamburgers, stars Louis Lassen, a German immigrant, resident in the United States who served her in his restaurant in a random way, seeking to please a customer. And he did it on May 28, 1900.

It is said that this diner ordered something that was fast and deliciousso, using the basic ingredients for a meat sandwich, Lassen ended up accidentally creating what we know today as hamburgers, and over time becoming a reference dish throughout the United States.

The hamburger, a Roman or German invention?

There are different theories, as we already mentioned. During the heyday of Roman Empire there was a similar dish, so it could be attributed to this site as its origin. But without a doubt the name makes us doubt the veracity of this story.

During the 19th century it was believed that Germans who emigrated to the United States brought the recipe with them, and that people like Louis Lasses ended up popularizing it. This would explain why they would have this name, coming precisely from the German city of Hamburg.

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