Torres: “The gangs that made Trelew a dangerous city are going to end up in prison”

Torres: “The gangs that made Trelew a dangerous city are going to end up in prison”
Torres: “The gangs that made Trelew a dangerous city are going to end up in prison”

The Governor of Chubut Ignacio “Nacho” Torres and his Minister of Security and Justice, Héctor Iturrioz, held a press conference from Rawson to report on the results of a series of raids carried out in the city of Trelew. The mayor of Trelew, Gerardo Merino, the prosecutor Julieta Gamarra and the Chief of the Chubut Police, Andrés García, also participated. In this sense, they reported on the idea of ​​replicating the Unified Command in the rest of the cities and also indicated that within 15 days they will inform the Trelew residents of the security actions.

During the conference, Iturrioz provided details about the operation, revealing that the criminal gang initially estimated at 6 or 7 members could be larger than expected. According to their statements, the criminals were dedicated to theft of cars, which were later painted and the domain names were changed to make their identification difficult.

The Minister of Security highlighted a chase that occurred in March, during which two vehicles that met the described characteristics were recovered. Besides, Iturrioz reported that this Monday’s operation resulted in multiple raids, arrests and kidnappings related to the case.

However, Iturrioz expressed concern about a court decision that anticipates the hearing related to detainees, even though, according to law, it must be held within 48 hours of arrest.

The fiscal Julieta Gamarra offered forceful statements about the development of the investigation: “From the Prosecutor’s Office side we have worked together for many months.” He highlighted the seriousness of the first incident that occurred in February, describing it as a situation with “weapons and more than 6 people” involved in logistical support with vehicles. Furthermore, he pointed out that the criminal organization was “armed for this, they steal cars, paint them and change license plates to commit the robberies.”

Gamarra He stressed that the results of the raids strengthen his theory: “We have a hypothesis and the results of the raids further strengthen the theory we maintain.” He also reported on the arrest of “a detained couple, who already have convictions for robbery, illicit association and concealment.” In addition, he highlighted the discovery of a fingerprint on one of the accused, confirmed by forensic personnel.

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The mayor of Trelew, Gerardo Merino, highlighted the significance of the day, calling it “important and historic.” He emphasized the effectiveness of a provincial government that prioritizes the well-being of the population, stating that “when there is a provincial government that works for the people, results are possible.”

He expressed his satisfaction with the improvement in security, a problem that has affected the city for a long time and has been increasing. Merino He praised the rapid political response to this challenge, noting that “the political decision was quickly made to work on this and put resources to work.”

The governor of the province, Ignacio “Nacho” Torres, He highlighted the urgency of streamlining administrative processes by stating that “bureaucracy hinders processes that should be more agile.” In addition, he expressed the importance of working together by pointing out that “we want to focus resources on technology, cameras and a crime prevention program.”

He also highlighted the need to take measures in the short, medium and long term, stating that “I am glad that we see federal forces on the streets because the situation leads us to take extraordinary measures.”

Regarding the debate on lowering the age of imputability, towers He insisted on the need to discuss this issue by stating that “he who kills if he is 15, 16 or 17 years old must be imprisoned.”

In addition, he proposed the creation of a trust financed by photo fines to establish a video surveillance system, mentioning that “we are doing what other places have.”

In relation to the government’s firmness in the face of cases of insecurity, Governor Torres warned that “either we take care of good people or we act distracted.”

Furthermore, he assured that “this gang ends up in prison and all the gangs that made Trelew a dangerous city are going to end up in prison.”

Regarding the implementation of the Unified Command and other security measures, Torres pointed out that “we want to replicate it in all cities” and highlighted Trelew as a pilot test of these initiatives.

Iturrioz He highlighted that “communication with the prosecutor’s office is at an excellent stage”, highlighting the importance of recognizing when things are done correctly. In relation to the Unified Command, he mentioned that “in Comodoro the forces are willing to apply it”, showing interest in replicating the successful model implemented in Trelew.

For his part, the governor towers announced the presentation at the Spanish Theater in approximately 15 days, with the aim of informing citizens about the government’s actions in terms of security. He highlighted the importance of having a meeting center and a judicial city, emphasizing that the government will not tolerate obstacles in its fight against crime.

towers He also emphasized the responsibility of the community in this process, pointing out that “we all want those who commit crimes to be rehabilitated and able to reintegrate,” but warned that the government will not waste time in the face of any impediment to combating crime. He emphasized the need to overcome obstacles and rebuild security in Trelew, ensuring a strong call to work together towards this goal.

The chief of the Chubut Police, Andrés García, reported that “we managed to dismantle a gang that operated in Trelew and other towns,” highlighting the result of a thorough investigation.

He acknowledged that although the times may not be what the community demands, they are necessary to carry out a thorough investigation.

García stressed that this gang is not the only one in the region, and highlighted that the month of May registered a record in arrests of people linked to criminal law and criminal groups that threatened the society of Trelew and other towns.

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