This is how you can vote to nominate a participant from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ in the new dynamic

This is how you can vote to nominate a participant from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ in the new dynamic
This is how you can vote to nominate a participant from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ in the new dynamic

The way of nominating celebrities has changed, since now viewers will have the opportunity to choose who they want to be at risk of leaving the house – credit Jesús Aviles/Infobae Colombia

In the contest program The house of the famous Colombiathe audience will be in charge of deciding who will be the next participant to be nominated and have their name included on the plaque, as announced by their presenters Carla Giraldo and Cristina Hurtado on the night of Sunday, May 26, 2024

Although the dynamic that the program had been working on was that viewers had the opportunity to vote every Sunday for one of the nominees to leave the house, this form of voting changed, since Since there are only 7 active participants left, the idea is that viewers vote for one of them and that throughout the week the five participants who will be at risk of becoming the eighteenth eliminated are defined.

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The voting process is simple and designed to maintain public anticipation. Prior to each program, voting will be opened and viewers will be informed of the time available to nominate their candidate.

To participate in the voting, Viewers must access the official page of The house of the famous Colombia on the Canal RCN portal. Once in the voting section, they must choose their nominee and confirm their choice. It is important to highlight that each viewer has the right to one vote per session; However, ViX Premium subscribers can cast up to ten votes, expanding their support for their favorite competitors.

The changes in the voting dynamics were confirmed by the presenters of the program – credit courtesy Canal RCN

In this case, voting for ViX Premium subscribers includes the option to “Continue voting” after casting the first vote, this allows you to continue with up to nine additional votes, increasing the chances of nominating one of the contestants seeking to reach the top. final to win a juicy prize of 400 million pesos.

On the night of May 26, 2024, The house of the famous Colombia underwent a crucial elimination before implementing significant changes to the nomination process.

In a chapter full of emotion and adrenaline, Julián Trujillo, with 22.04% of the votes, was the first celebrity to return to the studio house, followed by Martha Bolaños, who obtained 17.63%. Miguel Melfi and Alfredo Redes were also saved with 16.14% and 15.45%, respectively.

The first two saved on elimination night were met – credit VIX

Finally, Ornella Sierra was eliminated with 14.55% of the votes, compared to Sebastián González with 14.20%. At that moment, the coastal barbiein the midst of his sadness at leaving the studio, assured that “I want to thank Colombia” while tearfully saying goodbye to the program.

During the day, in the dynamics of the trials, whose judge was Pantera, Martha Bolaños was involved in a series of conflicts, as Alfredo Redes accused her of disrespecting him, to which her defender, Sebastián González, assured that Bolaños’ gestures were involuntary due to a condition in your hand.

The actress, for her part, took González to court for snoring during the night. “Mr. Sebastián González last night pulled out his strongest card, his strategy is to kill us with sleep,” declared Bolaños.

Ornella Sierra became the seventeenth eliminated from The House of the Famous Colombia- credit VIX

Miguel Bueno, after his return home, commented on his experience: “A lot of nerves, a lot of excitement to see them again” and After the kiss with Ornella Sierra, he revealed his intentions to have a date with the coastal barbie after their elimination, highlighting the special connection that emerged between them.

With the new regulations, viewers will have the power to decide who will be on the plate each day through online voting, a drastic change in the dynamics of the contest, as expectations grow among the contestants and the public, since this new nomination method could significantly alter the course of the program.

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