Video: Furia kicked Arturo and his stay in Big Brother is in jeopardy

Juliana Scaglione, popularly known as Furia, is once again at the center of controversy for a violent attitude she had with Arturo, the mascot of Big Brother (Telefe).

It is not the first time that the ‘little sister’ has caused a stir with her questionable behavior and she has already been called “violent” on more than one occasion, not only by many of her classmates, but also on social networks.

On this occasion, Fury got into trouble with Arturo.

The thing is that the dog is a puppy and, as the driver Santiago del Moro clarified, he needs to expend a lot of energy.

Arturo is playing all day, stealing the shoes of the reality show participants, jumping, running… This Monday afternoon he got in Juliana’s way while she was running to get close to a microphone.

During the day’s activity, the boys played a game of guessing the lyrics of the songs by singing on a platform, karaoke style, and guessing who was the performer of each song, to score points.

When Juliana ran in a hurry to play, Arturo followed her and crossed between her legs. She tried to push him away first with her arms.

Furia kicked Arturo and the networks were filled with criticism. Capture TV.Furia kicked Arturo and the networks were filled with criticism. Capture TV.

The puppy ignored the ‘little sister”s orders, so she approached him and hit him twice: first with her knee and then with a kick.

The video of the moment quickly went viral and on the networks many followers of the program once again asked that Furia be expelled.

“A divine fury kneeing and kicking a dog that suffered abuse gives more violence to Arturito”, “If they don’t cut her for this I really don’t understand anything anymore”, “This mine is violent in words and in actions with her colleagues, now her intention and it is clearly seen was to kick Arturo, it has already been said that the dog is in danger and it has been proven”, “She should have been expelled a long time ago. They gave her a sanction that only benefited her! He’s all very armed, but he’s already gone to hell! were some of the comments that circulated on the social network X (formerly Twitter).


It is not the first time that Fury has had a violent attitude towards Arturo. A few weeks ago, she was very angry, arguing with her colleagues. At that time she was estranged from her then partner, Mauro. And she is very upset with Martín Ku, Bautista and Nico, the group “Los Bro”.

See alsoDue to the violence inside the house, rescuers asked to remove Arturo

In one of the rooms, while she was yelling at her companions, Arturo was on the bed, in front of her. She approached him in a very pushy manner and with abrupt gestures yelled at him to go the other way.

Criticism rained down on the stuntwoman. It should be noted that Arturo is a rescued dog who was a victim of violence and came to the program through an NGO that is dedicated to rescuing and caring for animals.

The organization, called Huellitas Perdidas, released a statement that said: “Practically, there are more situations of violence than hours of tranquility and it is not good for anyone. Arturo cannot continue living in that unstable environment without routines, which are essential for good mental health.”

The NGO expressly asked the Big Brother production to return the dog since it was not a healthy environment for him. But from the cycle they refused to do so, they responded that they could see the puppy 24 hours a day through a television and assured that Arturo’s owner was already Chino, who forged a very close bond with the animal.

However, in one of his talks, Furia made a strong statement and implied that, in one of his visits to the confessional, he had been asked to treat the house pet well.

“How beautiful that stupid animal is. On top of that, production tells me to treat him well,” the coach launched in dialogue with Emma. Very attentive, her partner “challenged” her and told her: “Don’t talk about that, Fury.”

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