Fiduprevisora ​​was not prepared to implement a new health model: Suteq

Fiduprevisora ​​was not prepared to implement a new health model: Suteq
Fiduprevisora ​​was not prepared to implement a new health model: Suteq


Do not stop complaints, complaints, claims from active and retired teachers for deficiencies in the provision of health services of the teaching profession in the department of Quindío.

And it is that, at the headquarters of the Single Union of Education Workers of Quindío, Suteq, The board of directors of the union called a press conference to announce how the implementation of the new health model is progressing. In the middle of that presentation, a retired teacher took the opportunity to publicize her case and the new health model of the teaching profession.

Marta Aida Puerta Valencia retired from teaching in Armenia He explained “the situation is that there are no drugs, I have specialists because I suffer from blood clots in my body, so sometimes they appear in my lungs, they sometimes appear in my eyes, they appear in my legs and I don’t have drugs, they can’t help me.” see specialist so here what are they doing La Previsora ​​are they fooling us all go there go there they give you the drugs come on there are no drugs, so we deserve respect like everyone else

What do you ask of the government?

I want to ask how it occurred to them to make a new contract now to do something that they had not already done. The only thing they did was fool Fomag so that he wouldn’t leave us like this, it was nothing at all and We are in limbo, we have no drugs, we have nothing. We stand in lines. So we deserve a little respect and I am going to contact a lawyer because it was more that he has not answered me about the dispensing of medications.

Vivian Charlot Bernal, president of Suteq, Quindío

Thanks to the approaches we have been able to achieve with Fiduprevisora This new system that is already improving and is serving and that is still missing, we have already been able to make significant progress with the entities that provide the State health service, that is, the public hospitals. in the different municipalities of the department. This has already allowed us to have approaches with the managers to create an exclusive communication channel with the teachers. Let us remember that we have an excepted regime and under these conditions we also ask the managers to allow us an exclusive channel for teachers as well. to be able to access the different services in hospitals.

Fiduprevisora ​​was not prepared for the new health system

They were not even 100% prepared yet, simply when we started on May 2, which was like the business day to be able to attend, because they had a couple of offices on the first floor and a couple of doctors attending and well This was obviously insufficient because there are more than 11,000 users in the department to deal with multiple difficulties.

Regional strike of the coffee axis teachers

This Wednesday, May 29, we are mobilizing with the departments of Caldas and Risaralda, we are going to strike in the Coffee Region. where we are going to mobilize in two strategies, the first of which is going to be taking the teachers who register to Pereira to the headquarters of La Fiduprevisora, which is the only one we currently have physically in the department, we are going to be there, we are going to hold a rally and we will make complaints and demands for what we have

And he added “those who cannot participate in the taking, then we are going to stay in the Bolivar Square in Armenia We are going to concentrate starting at nine in the morning, where we will also be making complaints here and also the pedagogy of what we are doing.

New headquarters to serve teachers in Armenia

The Suteq leader pointed out that “indeed, with the rally we held the previous week, that gave us positive results regarding the demands that We were having to move this headquarters to a point of vocation for clinics and hospitals that would allow us to converge there so as not to have to travel such long distances to claim a medicine. after leaving the medical consultation and indeed work is already underway on a headquarters in front of the Founders Park that can provide primary care for teachers and not have to generate those trips.

Medication dispensing

There youwe have enormous difficulties and it has to do with the fact that the initial dispensing point that we had, since it was not enabled, did not meet the conditions, the Health Section actually closed it and this generated a greater crowding at the second point that we had recently enabled, which is Distrimet. , so there in district it is being released in a somewhat slow and saturated way because it must be said the issue with the medications of the teachers who have been able to access this scenario, since We hope that this week farmat will be enabled with all the conditions in full in accordance with what the Ministry of Health requires and to be able to advance in other points that we are waiting to be enabled in Calarcá and Quimbaya.

They call for a regional strike to demand guarantees with the new health model for teachers

In Armenia they will form the Pro-Defense Committee for the health of teachers…

Teachers in Quindío threaten regional strike unless health care improves…

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