Cuban Academy of Sciences recognizes the University of Camagüey

Cuban Academy of Sciences recognizes the University of Camagüey
Cuban Academy of Sciences recognizes the University of Camagüey

For the first house of higher education founded by the Cuban Revolution in 1967, it is precisely the link with the prestigious key entity, and this is shown with the highlighting of the doctor of Sciences, Julio Madera, who obtained the Prize from the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2023.

As reflected on the official UC website, the “Science of our researchers continues with excellent results year after year in the ACC Awards.”

The publication also adds that two results as the main author, of the First Vice-Rector of the University of Camagüey, Doctor of Sciences Julio Madera, deserved the 2023 Cuban Academy of Sciences Award.

The renowned researcher obtained both awards in the Technical Sciences section with the results: Theoretical and practical contributions of probabilistic models to the solution of real optimization problems.

Meanwhile, “Contributions to sentiment analysis in user opinions applying artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms” was also recognized by the Academy itself.

The note from the Camagüey center concludes after explaining that, according to the opinion issued by the evaluating commission, the University of Camagüey also obtained the ACC Award as a participating entity in the area of ​​Social and Humanistic Sciences with the result “Government Accounting System in the government sector, in Cuba.

For more than three decades, the house of higher education has been evaluated and recognized by prestigious entities and this has opened the doors of agreements with international counterparts, interested in different fields of study.

Among the most renowned achievements of the Camagüey researchers are participating in a leading role in the inauguration of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Studies in Hebei, China, for November 2023.



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