They will allow Godoy Cruz to play with the public and eliminate physical entry

They will allow Godoy Cruz to play with the public and eliminate physical entry
They will allow Godoy Cruz to play with the public and eliminate physical entry

After the violent riots in Godoy Cruz against San Lorenzo, and the possibility that the Mendoza team will play without an audience in the near future, the news was known that the Government of Mendoza reached an agreement with the leadership of that club so that it has fans in the stands.

As it turned out, the Ministry of Security of the Province agreed with the leaders Alejandro Chapini and José Mansur to eliminate physical tickets, and they signed a commitment document to control the entry of fans to the field by QR.

“We are going to propose a very specific procedure for entering the popular club to be able to play with the public because we do not want to harm the good fans,” said Governor Alfredo Cornejo, after the portfolio led by Mercedes Rus will ask the AFA for an “exemplary sanction” so that “Godoy Cruz plays without an audience on the next three dates.”

However, after signing that commitment, This formal request was reversed “so as not to harm the partners”said Hernán Amat, general director of Community Relations Ministry of Security.

Present at the meeting were the Undersecretary of Justice, Marcelo D’Agostino; the general director of Community Relations, Hernán Amat; the general director of Police, Marcelo Calipo; the president of the Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba Club, Alejandro Chapini, and the vice president, José Mansur. Amat revealed that it was signed “a commitment with the Ministry of Security so that entry is controlled with QR. Physical tickets are over. “Now you will enter with QR and ID in hand.”

“This is for the purpose of having rigorous control over the small group of violent people who put the sporting event and the public in general at risk,” the Ministry explained.

What will happen with the remainder of the match between Godoy Cruz and San Lorenzo?

From the Argentine Football Association They have not yet given any details on how what was a 1-1 draw between “Tomba” and “Ciclón” will be completed.” but from Viamonte Street They only see the possibility that the match will be defined within the playing field beyond the fact that San Lorenzo can request the points with the endorsement of the regulations.

The main rumor is that the match will be played outside of Mendoza. This provision It could be repeated in the next game that Godoy Cruz plays at home which will be against Rosario Central on Wednesday, June 12.

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