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In the coming days, one of the most anticipated online shopping events in Chile is coming, Cyberday 2024. The day stands out for having several discounts on the that companies lower their prices substantially.

Although there is no specific date, according to the websites of some retail stores, Cyberday 2024 would take place from midnight next Monday, June 3 to Wednesday, June 5.

That is why, weeks before commercial stores will make a series of discounts on their products, it is necessary to know the details.

And the importance this year is even greater, since this It would be one of the events that will have the lowest prices on recordaccording to economists.

CyberDay 2024 would be the one with the cheapest prices

The economist of the consulting firm PKF, Hector Osorio, He said that during this Cyberday 2024 “it is important for companies achieve some degree of inventory cleanliness. That is what it points to, because it means for them to exchange items for cash, in general that are not frequently acquired by end users,” ADN stated.

In that sense, the aforementioned “It gives us a signal and gives us a chance to have cash and reduce our inventories that would otherwise become obsolete.”he explained.

According to an analysis carried out by the platform Getiit is presumed that the prices of the products on Cyberday 2024 They could be cheaper than on previous occasions. “In October 2023, the average reduction was 26.2% for payments with any means and 25.4% for payments with retail cards. While in May 2023, these figures were 22.6% and 21.3%, respectively,” the report details.

Meanwhile, the co-founder and CEO of Geti.cl, Francisco Contreras Donososaid: “It is estimated that for this event, the average price reduction will be between 20% and 25%”.

The products that will drop the most in price

According to the aforementioned analysis, the articles of fashion, toys and home were the ones that experienced the most discounts on Cyberday 2023. Specifically, in October of last year fashion had a reduction in 32.7%, similar to toys and household objects.

Along these lines, for this Cyberday 2024 it is expected that the same categories, fashion, toys and home, continue to be the lowest in their prices.

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