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The Floral Games in Ciego de Ávila concluded this May 25 with many disappointments

AHS/Facebook The winner of the narrative award, The Public Key, was Reineris Betancourt from Guantanamo.With the support of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation of Morón, I am putting up the hammock, held for the first time in the municipality of Ciego de Ávila, the 30 Floral Games 2024 of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) concluded. The guest of the moment was the young writer Leo Bucquet, who also became a member of this foundation, whose work exalts national culture.

There were four days marked by good poetry and the desire to continue a tradition that has become the second longest running event of this avant-garde youth organization in the City of Portals.

And now that, in alternate years, it includes the call for the narrative contest The public key, the moment was propitious to announce the absolute winner of this VI award ceremony that should already return to the objectives of its foundation: a narratological macro event.

On this occasion, the jury made up of the writers Rafael de Águila, Yasmani Rodríguez Alfaro and Leo Bucquet, out of nine works, ruled three as finalists and awarded two mentions to the hands of The blame mechanismsby the writer Tomás Eugenio Escobar Ávila and allegory of a manby Roberto J. González Rodríguez.

The award went to the Guantanamo writer Reineris Betancourt Colás, for his notebook The Equals.

Although, this year, the Floral Games did not have all the visibility of other Aprils, nor was it welcomed by all writers, as it should be, the truth is that once again it was demonstrated that the AHS in this city is committed to tradition and modernity. And if you have kept this action in your activity plan, it is precisely for that reason.

Although, with honorable exceptions, it was not fair that the writers of the patio barely attended the activities scheduled during the days of the poetic event and that the accompaniment of the institutions of the cultural system was nil.

I believe that no one needs to be personally invited as the only guarantee to attend an event that should be for everyone, due to its importance and beauty. And there shouldn’t be so many empty chairs when there was good dissemination on all platforms.

Furthermore, it lacked a little more “popular vision”, because although poetry in its most personal conception is elitist, its consumption is for the people. And let’s not confuse it with massiveness, because it is not exactly the same, nor is it produced the same in social terms.


I applaud the support of the José Martí Cultural Society and its board of directors, from the same press conference. The Un grain of corn peña, led by Mayslett Sánchez and organized with the impetus and commitment of Odalys Sánchez Méndez, provincial president of that organization, was the ideal space for young people to talk and read poetry at the Estaciones café.

But one of the great absentees was our José Martí, to whom this event was also dedicated on the 129th anniversary of his fall in combat. Barely any mention was even made of the Cultural Crusade Following the Trocha, and of the 38 years of the AHS.

The Floral Games could have been taken to the boulevard in front of the headquarters of the House of the Young Creator, and take advantage of the clarity and freshness of the nights, in this land that so needs poetry to sweeten the soul and banish the lack of humanism that swarms through these streets, next to the garbage dumps.

And although some activities were suspended due to lack of fuel and means of transportation; We moved from place to place as a group of lifelong friends, to operate in various spaces such as ladders; We look for alternative places when the one already planned was closed at the precise time; and even though the audience was the same, without exhaustion and very willing; The winners of the games in the three nights of floral crowns, Yaíma Hernández, Daniuska Viera Azcuy and Dry Chamorro Belén, seemed happy and motivated to continue participating with their writings.

Led by Yasmani Rodríguez Alfaro, the last day the new publication of Ediciones Ávila was presented, He book by Camila Rosaby the honorary member, Carmen Hernández Peña, a copy for which she earned the Hermanos Loynaz award in 2014, in the narrative category.

AHS/FacebookThe Floral Games are still necessary

Although some activities took place outside the main headquarters, the event had to be extended to other schools within the city, work centers, and even getting the poets to read, as has been traditional, in the tobacco shop, despite the coordinating dialogue with the new management of that UEB Twisted Tobacco.

I believe that the workers of the House of the Young Creator behaved at the level of the event and could well serve as an example to other cultural institutions in terms of industriousness, selflessness, motivational dynamics and sense of belonging. Well, despite the crises, they sought a solution to the lack of basic resources, based on poetry and guests.

In keeping with the very little trova of these games, the mini-concerts by the singer-songwriters Alain Poveda, Lien Piloto, and Leo CH were also commendable. They are appreciated at times when absences are felt. We no longer have Motivos Personales, Yohan Zamora, Pavel Poveda, Clodoaldo Parada, Lázaro Rojas, and others.

Poets like Arlen Regueiro, José Rolando Rivero, Pedro Alberto Assef, Ángel Lázaro Sánchez, and many others are no longer there; but the young people are there, to continue pushing for the good poetry that is growing by leaps and bounds among us Avilanians who do want the metaphorical or realistic May flowers, to gratify the soul.

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