They claim that the security of Milei’s show at Luna Park was in charge of a company owned by Martín Menem

They claim that the security of Milei’s show at Luna Park was in charge of a company owned by Martín Menem
They claim that the security of Milei’s show at Luna Park was in charge of a company owned by Martín Menem

A private security company belonging to the Menem family was in charge of maintaining order at the event in the Luna Park, where President Javier Milei presented his latest book “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap.” Within the corporate structure, the president of the Chamber of Deputies appears, Martin Menem.

According to the portal The citizen of Santa Fe, the firm Tech Security SRL provided security at the President’s show. Tech, also hired at La Libertad Avanza campaign events, has among its partners: Martín Menem and his cousin Eduardo “Lule” Menemhead of the Chamber of Deputies and undersecretary of Institutional Management of the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

Fernando Menem, son of former senator Eduardo Menem, also appears in the company’s shareholding structure, like Martín. All relatives of former president Carlos Saúl Menem, described by Milei as “the best Argentine president of the last 40 years.”

“There was part of the presidential security that usually accompanies the President 24 hours a day and, when he has any public activity, evaluates the amount of security that has to accompany him,” explained the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, at a press conference. , when they asked who paid for the security operation. The Government assured that it was assumed by the President “in a personal capacity” and paid “from his own assets”, although they did not specify the amount.

Tech Security SRL is known, among other activities, for being responsible for private security in football stadiums and, as their social networks indicate, they also specialize in “consortiums, dance venues, personal security, massive events and many more.”

The songs that Javier Milei sang at Luna Park

Javier Milei presented his new book at Luna Park “Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap”, accompanied by government officials and a group of libertarian militants who gathered in the traditional stadium. Before the official speech, and as the presidential spokesperson had announced Manuel Adorni “as part of marketing”, He sang La Renga songs accompanied by a “libertarian band” made up of Alberto “Bertie” Benegas Lynch, Joaquín Benegas Lynch and Marcelo Duclos.

The songs included in the number put on by the president were “Panic Show” (one of his banners during last year’s presidential campaign) and later he was expected to sing the verses of “El Revelde”with lyrics that seek to reinforce his image as an “outsider” and anti-system.” Martín Menem, nephew of former president Carlos Saúl Menem, Federico Sturzenegger, Patricia Bullrich and her sister Karina Milei, among other representatives of the current administration, were present at the event. .

Before his supporters, Milei admitted: “I did all this because I wanted to sing.”. The crowd, which shouted La Libertad Avanza’s iconic slogan “long live freedom damn” on countless occasions, also prevented a person from displaying the LGBT flag inside Luna Park and kicked the person carrying it out of the theater.

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