It’s official: Luperciano Muñoz will compete for the municipality of Coyhaique

It’s official: Luperciano Muñoz will compete for the municipality of Coyhaique
It’s official: Luperciano Muñoz will compete for the municipality of Coyhaique

The current mayor of Chile Chico officially confirmed his aspirations to reach the mayoral seat of the regional capital.

Within the framework of the municipal elections on October 27, the mayor of Chile Chico, Luperciano Muñoz, confirmed his candidacy as an independent to be the new mayor of Coyhaique.

According to what was indicated by the mayor, it was not a simple determination. “There are both family and economic costs that we must assume as an independent candidate, however, we are willing to face this challenge with responsibility and high-mindedness,” said Muñoz.

He added that his campaign will be “austere”, oriented mainly to social networks and with the Patagón concept of “word of mouth.” For this, we want to call on the entire commune of Coyhaique, residents, social, union and sports leaders, among others, to join this political project that offers new leadership.

“Coyhaique needs the updating of its regulatory plan, recovery of its public spaces, construction of new urban spaces; sports, recreational, cultural, artistic, in addition to the construction of the new town hall building, as well as projecting the concept of the “Coyhaique Centennial “and the commune that we want in the short, medium and long term,” he added.

He added that it is relevant to work together with the regional and central government to decontaminate Coyhaique, but with effective measures, not patches, that are within the reach of the residents.

Luperciano Muñoz said that the municipality presents a complex scenario in terms of pending lawsuits, a high level of internal conflict and lack of leadership, in addition to over-indebtedness, generated by the different administrations, which is why he requested, via transparency, a series of antecedents. to have clarity about the internal reality of the municipality.

Luperciano Muñoz, who defines himself as a mayor who executes works, assures that the commune needs large projects that position it as a renowned regional capital and a permanent tourist destination.

“The lack of urban vision is evident, therefore, we want to invite the other candidates, neighbors, representatives of unions, sports clubs, social leaders, among others, to be part of a great regional debate around the need to build an innovative, modern and thriving Coyhaique, with an always constructive outlook,” he expressed.

Muñoz thanked all the expressions of affection and transversal support within the framework of this new challenge, an independent candidacy that needs the support established by law to register it. “For this, we will enable a link, where by entering with the unique password you will be able to sponsor this candidacy,” said the now candidate.

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