“The future of work” will be the focus of an important day in Santa Fe

“The future of work” will be the focus of an important day in Santa Fe
“The future of work” will be the focus of an important day in Santa Fe

Next Thursday, June 6, the Auditorium of the National University of the Litoral (UNL) will host an important conference on “The future of work”, organized by the Development Agency of Santa Fe and its Region (ADER) and the Union Industrial of Santa Fe (UISF).

The conference aims to bring together secondary and university students, young professionals, business leaders and officials from the region to discuss, reflect and exchange experiences about the challenges of work in a constantly changing world.

The event will include the second edition of TEDIN-X in the morning, and the fourth ADER Economics Colloquium in the afternoon. The first will focus on inspiring young people with examples of innovation and success in the productive field, while the ADER Colloquium will provide an in-depth analysis of the economic and political landscape of Argentina.

The day will begin at 9:00 with TEDIN-X, an event aimed at young people interested in productive work experiences. Under the moderation of Jairo Straccia, TEDIN-X will present the experiences of three outstanding companies: Eco Aislación SRL, PB Leiner Argentina and Frigorífico Recreo SAIC. In addition, inspiring talks from two speakers will be presented:

Alejandro Taborda, president of the Industrial Union of Santa Fe, underlined the purpose of the conference: “The idea is that they can listen to high-quality professionals on a determining topic such as technologies at work and job opportunities in the world that comes. We want it to be a trigger for the kids, that can help them think about these issues and provide them with tools.”


In addition, he explained the structure of the event: “The activity will be moderated by Jairo Straccia and will be divided into two parts. The first in which companies and young entrepreneurs from our region tell the kids about their experiences of the work skills required by the work of the future. And the second part will consist of a knowledge transfer activity from consulting firms that will serve to awaken in the children interest in the possibilities of expanding and the entrepreneurial spirit so that they can be industrial colleagues in the future and enhance the productive sector in our area. “Taborda said.

At 6:00 p.m. the fourth ADER Colloquium will begin, a space for economic analysis and debate. Also moderated by Jairo Straccia, this colloquium will feature presentations by two prominent economists:

Nicolás Cabó, president of ADER, expressed his enthusiasm and explained the purpose of the event: “The colloquium is a space for Santa Fe residents to meet, debate and build consensus. In this sense, it seemed important to us to start with the economic issue to try to understand where we are and where we are going.

Furthermore, Cabó announced that there will be more events throughout the year: “We understand that we are in a particular moment in many ways. That is why after this first colloquium we are going to develop other meetings throughout the year on the different topics that not only economic issues but seeking to broaden the debates that are taking place with new voices.

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