They report the disappearance of a councilor from Argelia, Cauca

They report the disappearance of a councilor from Argelia, Cauca
They report the disappearance of a councilor from Argelia, Cauca

There has been no news from Sandra Milena Betancourth, councilor of Argelia (Cauca) since last Saturday, May 25.

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Since last May 25, there has been no knowledge of the councilor of Algeria, Sandra Milena Betancourt Buitrón, 29, who apparently had received threats from illegal armed groups as a result of her work in the municipality.

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According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the last time we heard from Betancourt was last Saturday, May 25, in the town of Olaya, in the municipality of Balboa, Cauca, around 5:00 in the afternoon when he left the house. his mother and got into a vehicle in the company of three men.

Added to the complaint is the murder of councilor Carlos César Camacho, from Santa Bárbara de Iscuandé, in Nariño. Camacho was murdered in the Soledad Pueblito neighborhood, that same Saturday, May 25, while he was at a family gathering.

According to the versions of some witnesses, the councilor had tried to stop some armed men who arrived shooting in the air, in response to this fact, the subjects wounded him. The councilman’s family moved the body to the municipality of El Charco, Nariño, where Legal Medicine is carrying out the investigations.

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Photo: Attorney General’s Office

Betancourt’s disappearance occurs in the midst of a series of acts of violence that have occurred in Cauca in recent weeks. Among these, the attack against the Morales Police Station, Cauca, and the fighting between the National Army and the FARC dissidents in the municipality of Suárez, in the same department, stand out. The Central General Staff (EMC) of the FARC dissidents operates in the area, under the command of “Iván Mordisco” and the ELN.

The Prosecutor’s Office also indicated that anyone who has information about the councilor can contact the cell phone number 3183472016 with the group for identifying people and searching for missing persons of the CTI of Popayán, Cauca.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 28, at 9:30 am there will be a sit-in in the Plaza de Bolívar, in Bogotá, carried out by congressmen from different parts of the country, to demonstrate against the violence in Cauca.

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