Ciro Pupo Martínez Educational Institution of La Paz has a new classroom

The governor of Cesar, Elvia Milena Sanjuan Dávila, delivered a new classroom with eight bioclimatic and multipurpose rooms, to the Ciro Pupo Martínez Educational Institution, in the municipality of La Paz, to increase the academic quality of the 1,500 students in this establishment.

Ratifying her commitment to education, the president announced that her government will build more classrooms, that she will bring more computers to educational institutions and more training processes to train teachers, so that everything is reflected in the improvement of educational quality. “We have come to endorse many commitments, we have come to deliver these eight very well-equipped classrooms, with a very nice infrastructure, that you are going to commit to taking care of them, but especially you must commit to improving educational quality,” said Governor Elvia Milena. San Juan.

“It is very possible that the future representatives, the future mayors, the future governors, the future ministers, the best teachers, the best shoemaker as Diomedes said; I want you to be the best, that is why we are going to make multiple efforts so that the Ciro Pupo Martínez institution continues to grow; Today we want to commit to you, to each of the headquarters of the institution, to the education of the six townships that La Paz has. I hope that just as the municipal seat celebrates this new classroom, we are going to consolidate many initiatives that account for of more commitments to education in the department of Cesar”, he pointed out.

Javier Arturo Noriega Jaime, rector of the Ciro Pupo Martínez school, highlighted the importance of the works delivered by Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan, which began in the previous government, being consolidated in this administration. “This school was built 56 years ago, and since then we did not have new classrooms, this undoubtedly means that our institution will encounter modernism; Thank God, and Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan for this wonderful structure, in which both teachers and students will have not only the space, but the equipment to strengthen the learning processes; “We are very happy, and we assume the commitment to improve academic quality because we already have a much more favorable school environment,” he said.

The teacher, Ricardo Ferias, who teaches classes at this school, pointed out that “for us this classroom is an immense joy; Receiving this contribution from Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan is very valuable; We are very grateful to her for this great work of hers. For us, this classroom is a relief because it connects us with this technological world and helps us move forward with this work. “It is magnificent, it is spectacular, we are very happy with the new classrooms.”

Students are the most enthusiastic about the modern classrooms. Sharik Cristina Beleño Ramírez, from grade 11, stated that “for me it is a new beginning that we as students are going to have, by being able to teach classes in better conditions; When I saw the classrooms I thought they were very beautiful, they are in accordance with the needs we have in the institution.”

For his part, Samuel Oñate Silva, student representative, indicated that “we receive this classroom with great gratitude to the Government of Cesar, for the level of educational quality that will increase thanks to these classrooms; “Before we taught classes in high temperatures, but now we will improve due to this modern school environment.”
Ana Milena Bolaños, mother of the family, said that “this is a blessing for the children; The physical plant of the school was deteriorated, now they will be able to move forward to improve academic quality; “They are adequate spaces for a good education.”

The mayor of La Paz, Wilson Rincón, highlighted the importance that Governor Elvia Milena Sanjuan has given to the territories, creating an inclusive government. “Not only was the Development Plan approved in our municipality, which is the roadmap for an ongoing department, but now it gives us these modern classrooms that improve the study conditions for our children and young people. This school has a great history, it has produced professionals who are even in high government, and now we will have better conditions to increase academic quality.”

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