Garbage containers in Armenia, a solution that is being wasted –

Author: Natalia Trujillo Varela

In Armenia there are containers distributed throughout the city, however, a large part of the citizens are using them incorrectly.

To date, Public Companies of Armenia has provided 712 garbage containers in different parts of the municipality, an alternative that was conceived as a solution to the proliferation of solid waste accumulation points. However, with the passage of time, citizens seem not to have taken ownership of their operation: they take out the garbage at odd hours, use it to deposit waste that does not belong, such as furniture or debris, and in more extreme cases, they have chosen to burn it to steal the property. wheels and metal parts.

For some citizens, having a container near their home is synonymous with conflict because many neighbors do not respect it and no longer wait for the collection car to pass by, but rather every day they throw waste into the containers until they are saturated, so the street people , stray dogs and buzzards are responsible for creating the disaster: watering everything in the street.

Hence, it is controversial that many citizens go to EPA to request the transfer of containers from the initial point where Public Companies of Armenia leaves them installed. In the Limonar neighborhood, stage 3, a container had to be relocated on two occasions and in Ciudad Dorada the neighbors themselves took on the task of moving it a few houses.

Julieta Pérez, a resident of the Villa Claudia neighborhood, in commune 2 “Rufino José Cuervo Sur” in Armenia, reported that in her neighborhood the poor management and lack of culture of the same people has taken over the platforms of her neighborhood, as she mentioned that the A constant problem is the inhabitants living on the street who turn over the containers and leave the waste exposed and, on the other hand, the same people leave the garbage on the street, which generates the approach of the dogs and the buzzards end up distributing the waste throughout the streets. the rest of the streets, creating unrest among the inhabitants themselves.

However, there are also success stories, in the Laureles neighborhood in commune 10 “Quimbaya” of Armenia, they have more efficient management of containers thanks to the commitment of the same community. Liliana Jaramillo, councilor of commune 10, stated that the strategy implemented to make more efficient use of the garbage container was based on pedagogy, culture and commitment.

“At first, like everything, it is not easy, you have to educate the people, the community, so we from the Community Action Board, together with the EPA, set ourselves the task of socializing with the people when they went When throwing garbage, we told them the importance of preserving the containers, the high cost it has and that we should feel privileged to have them in our sector and people really heeded the call,” said the councilor.

He mentioned that there is a person who is responsible for warning that the container is not the appropriate place to leave debris or inappropriate garbage.

“At this time with the current president of the Board, in a meeting we had last week, it was agreed to visit all the members of the board, all the premises and the entire commercial part of Laureles in the coming days so that they Help with the care of some metal bins that the EPA just donated to us and that rotate, so they are very easy to empty and also the intention is to make it clear to people what time the garbage collection car passes by, this is the key and it is really a question of education,” stressed Liliana Jaramillo, councilor of commune 10.

A case with similar results occurred in the Mercedes del Norte neighborhood, the president of the Community Action Board, Martha Nubia España Gómez, explained that, after the request to the EPA for containers for the neighborhood in 2022, the problem of mismanagement Garbage increased because people began to take out debris, furniture, wood, mattresses, tables, baskets and other special waste. Additionally, they also began to take out garbage at night.

“Before the containers were installed, people did not even take out this special waste, but with the issue of the containers it got worse, what I implemented was to request help from the EPA, with the Cleaning supervisor, I told him the problem and that the containers They couldn’t cope, because there was one per sector, we showed him the photos of the garbage on the corners and the poor management, so I asked him to help us raise awareness among the population and tell people that the containers are not for special waste, but for solid and organic waste, and it worked because the EPA came and people were happy. Of course, there is no shortage of those left with lack of culture and poor management, but lately we do not have an aggravating factor with the issue of garbage,” said España López.

Dinancy Margarita Clavijo Restrepo, head of collection of Public Companies of Armenia, stated that the purpose of the containers is to minimize the impact points that occur in the city due to inadequate waste management or lack of knowledge of the citizens themselves.

“The idea is that users can take waste to the containers on the days when the service is provided to prevent solid waste from accumulating in the corners or from being left in the open. The idea is that the users of the containers deposit the garbage when they cannot be there when the collection car passes by, then they go ahead and take the garbage to the container and our staff constantly continue providing the cleaning service in the neighborhoods. ”explained Clavijo Restrepo.

The containers are a good and a job of care and responsibility together with the citizens, since once the containers are installed, it is the people in the neighborhoods who use them and must strive for their care and conservation.

“The issue is complex because the obligation we really have is to comply with the frequency of spending three times a week in what is the home sector. The problem that we have the most occurs in the neighborhoods in the south of the city and in the west where we mostly have containers, but let’s say that it is a general problem in the city because people see the container and are constantly depositing waste,” the boss mentioned.

The Cleaning professional added that the neighborhoods in which they have had the best results with the correct management of containers have been Las Colinas and Marbella in communes 2 and 3 respectively. “These two neighborhoods have been organized because what the presidents of the board do is have the container locked or stored and they only open it on the days when the car passes by, what happens is that when there is a mourner or there is a person in the same neighborhood with a sense of belonging and love for the neighborhood, so that is where you get the support of the same community,” said Clavijo Restrepo.

System optimization

As part of the cleaning strategy, Public Companies of Armenia, since last May 9, through the Cleaning Assistant Management, acquired a modern cart that washes containers, which will clean and wash them once a month.

In less than a minute and with two washing cycles handled by the car, the cars or containers would be clean of waste and odors to be ready to receive new waste when the garbage collection car passes by.

From the EPA’s Cleaning Deputy Management it was indicated, “In addition to moving agilely through the streets, the vehicle is fully systematized, its operation is with pressurized water, like a pressure washer, which helps make it an environmentally friendly piece of equipment. and water saver. This vehicle is not only used to wash containers, but will also be used to wash public trash cans and baskets, since it has an additional hose that works for this type of infrastructure.”

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