Dissatisfaction in Distraction due to a strange street that will circulate within a park

A street through the middle of the park would prevent the free movement of children.

The neighborhood community is visibly pleased. Florida of the southern municipality Distraction due to the decision made by the current administration of Jacob Arnal Brito to host a work that had been orphaned in the sector for a long time.

These are the works of Dora Angelica Campo park, important for its inhabitants. The mayor’s office has announced that work will soon begin for the completion and delivery of the much-awaited park, especially for children who lack a place for recreation and sports.

Floridians are upset because the trees they planted have been cut down.
Floridians are upset because the trees they planted have been cut down.

However, this medium learned of the disagreement that exists with the contractors in charge of the work, because they have made a huge felling of trees in the place and precisely in these moments of intense heat in the municipality where temperatures do not drop below 40 degrees Celsius.

The residents of the sector say that it pains them to see how trees that were planted by them are being cut down in this way. The inhabitants of La Florida have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the construction of an alleged street that will circulate through the park, which was not shared with the community. They think that this would be uncomfortable, especially for children when giving free use to the park.

Finally, they complain that the personnel who work as workers are not residents of the neighborhood, as was agreed between the mayor and the community action board of the La Florida sector.



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