«Being at Roland Garros is crazy»

«Being at Roland Garros is crazy»
«Being at Roland Garros is crazy»

The tennis player from Ciutadella, Sergio Martos, will fulfill one of his desires as a professional racket this Wednesday. The Menorcan, who has been around the prestigious World Top 100 in the doubles specialty for a few years now, will become the first islander to compete at Roland Garros, accompanying the Balearic Islands, Rafa Nadal and Jaume Munar.

Martos competes alongside a Spanish tennis great like Pablo Carreño in the 64 final against the Ecuadorian Gonzalo Escobar and the Ukrainian Aleksandr Nedovésov, with extensive ATP background already as an established couple. If the new Martos-Carreño couple advances, they will face the winner of the series between Ariel Behar and Adam Pavlasek, against Joe Salisbury and Rajeev Ram.

A few hours after his debut and fulfilling one of his great dreams as a tennis player, the Ciutadella racket belonging to the RV Tennis Academy in Barcelona recognized a lot of emotion for “Es Diari.”

In the words of Martos, for whom it also marks the debut as a couple with Pablo Carreño, «For me it is a true privilege to play alongside him, the truth. Playing as a couple with a tennis player who has been in the Top 10 in the world, an Olympic medalist at the Tokyo Olympics or a semi-finalist in some Grand Slams, among other Carreño milestones, is a real pleasure,” exclaimed the Menorcan player.

While he exercises on the different courts of the Parisian club and tries to digest its premiere at Roland Garros, Martos also spoke of the major challenge that this historic event represents for him, in a personal capacity. «The main challenge is to learn, enjoy and compete. Mainly that. Then obviously we will play with everything to win and then we will see, day by day,” the islander reasoned yesterday, without stopping expressing what he feels these days in France. “Roland Garros is brutal, all the facilities, the people there, the energy it transmits to you, all the stars… It’s crazy and I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to playing,” concluded an enthusiastic Martos.

Finally, and when the Mallorcan had not yet played his match yesterday, Martos also spoke about Rafa Nadal: «I saw him training a day before and the truth is that I saw him well. Obviously, bridging the gaps of a few years ago. But at least I see it as competitive and I have noticed that the people here are brutal as they encourage them these days,” he concluded.

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