RM in La Rioja: “For us Mariathon is a profound act of faith and charity”

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

05/28/2024 – During Mariathon, in the Catechesis program, we give rise to the link of communion between the projects that occur in Argentina, and what the relationship of what is simply done here, with a world that has received and receives the signal from María and her radio on each continent.

On the first day of the week, we learned about the presence of Radio María in La Rioja and the Mariathon project in Nigeria. Father Javier Soteras spoke with Patricia, a volunteer from La Rioja who shared with us what Radio María means in that city: “We have had the transmission plant since approximately 2006, 2007, and it is located on a property that has been granted by the bishopric, and it is cared for, we have called that little place “Mary’s little house.”, and we have a volunteer named Víctor, we have his help, we maintain her and take care of her. I also want to remember with gratitude, because at the beginning of Radio María, we had two gentlemen who were in charge at the beginning, Mr. Palmieri and Mr. Delio Casas, so we want to thank them infinitely.”

Father Javier asked her what the arrival of Radio María has meant in the lives of the entire family, and Patricia shared that it was the serenity and peace that they were needing in the face of their father’s illness that they were having trouble coping with.

Patricia shared that, in La Rioja, “the volunteers are organized in what we call CAPASDE, which is the pastoral animation center, and little by little, approaching the parishes, the communities, they have joined forces (…) Our pillar is the cenacles, prayer comes first, in the province of La Rioja there are 7 and they are in the interior where that community union is needed so that we all pray for everyone. The strong thing here is the missionary area, we want to tell you that we do Mariathon all year round, we continue going out, in the parishes, in the schools, in sharing we make known what the radio does and we learn from each one of the listeners we meet. We have the Charity work area, which is Bethlehem Nazareth. We attend the Mother and Child Hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Thursdays we pray the rosary with the mothers, we not only assist these mothers who often come from the interior of the province, with that need to accompany them, hold them, give them a hug. That is what has allowed me to become a volunteer for this Bethlehem Nazareth project. It is feeling that love, that love that God has poured out on our family, that hug that has allowed us to transform our lives, why not thank Him by being able to get closer to those mothers and enjoy, not just enjoy, but celebrate this life, because That is the Bethlehem Nazareth project. In the months that we have been assisting them there are about 80 mothers (…) per week we are assisting 8 mothers”.

After Patricia’s testimony we learned about the Mariathon project in Nigeria, which is to install 8 new frequencies to continue bringing the light of the Gospel, in: Lagos, Calabar, Ogoja, Sokoto, Yola, Nsukka, Ijebu-Ode and Otukpo.
The Nigerian bishops want Radio Maria to cover the entire territory for many reasons: to bring prayer to homes, to facilitate evangelization in the cities, and especially in the villages, where the vast majority of the population lives.
We share on air the words of Father Zaccaria Samjumi, Secretary General of the Catholic Secretary of Nigeria.

We invite you to listen to the full note.

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