Nariño has the potential to promote human development

Nariño has the potential to promote human development
Nariño has the potential to promote human development
Representatives of the United Nations Development Program and the Swedish Embassy in Colombia socialized the National Human Development Report 2024, with Nariño being the first region of the country selected to publicize the results and conclusions of this report taking into account the Convention Framework signed by the United Nations Development and Governance Program.
According to the document, the Human Development Index is a measurement that focuses on people and knowing how, from each of their territories, their capacities and skills related to income, health and education are developing. .
The advancement of the human development index in the region was also affected by the pandemic, generating a delay of approximately 3 years in human development achievements in the department. For her part, the Swedish Ambassador to Colombia, Helena Storm, explained that for the 2024 version this report also aims to understand the conversations that arise in the territories based on institutional capacity, economic growth, ecosystem integrity and the incidence of conflict. armed, in order to address the inequalities of human development in the country.
For the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Colombia, Sara Ferrer Olivella, Nariño not only has all the potential and opportunities to continue promoting human development, but its commitment to achieving territorial peace becomes a condition essential to reverse divergence and inequalities, as well as to expand opportunities and improve the well-being of people in the areas most affected by violence.
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