Josan González and his goodbye to Córdoba Futsal: “The best option is to separate our paths”AJ GONZÁLEZ

With a serious face, although proud of what he has accomplished. Halfway between emotion and nostalgia – logic in a farewell – Josan González appeared during his last press conference as coach of Córdoba Futsal, located in a Vista Alegre Sports Palace which has been the scene of the bulk of their battles in First division, home of joys, records and disappointments, also of events to remember, and in which the Ponta coach put an end to his four and a half season period at the helm of the green and white bench, for which a new horizon now opens . «It has been a very difficult decision, very thoughtful. We have come to a conclusion, in my house. The best option for both parties is to separate our paths», he resolved through tears during the joint event in the company of José García Román, president of the entity, and Rafael Garciasports director of the club.


A global balance

Logically, the coach began the speech by making a meaningful assessment of his time at the club, especially the most recent one, the recently finished campaign: «I have done my bit. I’m the one who goes out here, but there are a lot of people working. Of note, a six or a seven, we have needed to take a step forward at certain moments», he stated, after almost five years as the first caliphal coach, since his arrival back in the 2019-2020 financial year as a replacement for bruise in the club’s debut in the top category.

The sentimental plot was especially delved into, as well as the chapters in the history of the entity written throughout these years: «In general, I leave with peace of mind that the team is settled in the First Division and that the team that comes, I insist, will be prepared to fight for the next step. We have obviously missed playing an important competition, especially two years ago. I’m also left with epic, unforgettable matches.», he continued excitedly.

“We have been fighting against budgets that tripled us. There are many hours of work. You have to give it courage, it is very difficult. When last year we had such a hard time trying to stay… I have been lucky enough to do well, to leave a settled club. You have to give him a lot of credit, It’s historic, how many years had Córdoba gone without having a consecutive elite team?», he added.

Josan González, along with José García Román and Rafael García at his farewell.

Between good and bad moments, he placed his stay in the direction of Cordoba, although emphasizing the value of the positives over the negatives: «Perhaps the first Andalusian Cup, for what it meant for the club. The game we won against Jaén in the last tenth… There are many good moments to remember,” he said, emphasizing the satisfactory part. “A bad moment, the beginning of the first season, there were many doubts generated. “Perhaps that start and the ten consecutive defeats last year are very difficult moments to bear,” he noted.

«In four years the evolution is infinite, but It is difficult to stop and think about the Josan who came to the one who is leaving.. When the months go by I will realize that all the people I have worked with have helped, I have learned a lot, everything. Group management, managers, at the level of signings, facilities… », he stated, analyzing his progress as an orchestra director, as well as the team’s own growth, both sportingly and institutionally. «It is seen at all levels. From the joke we say that the miracle continues. It is no longer a miracle, there is a lot of work behind it. There is a lot of infrastructure work. The club has taken a step forward», he insisted.

The reasons for his departure

«It’s a scale, we have to put all the things that weigh. I have decided that I am going to try to go make a living. I don’t have anything closed, but the idea is to go outside, fix the economic part a little of my existence,” the man from Puente Genil slipped as one of the keys to his goodbye to the Cordoba Futsalhis second professional destination after training technically as a coach in the youth academy of ElPozo Murcia.

With a view to the future, on the other hand, Gonzalez He acknowledged that he still does not know the itinerary or the next steps of his roadmap – although he points abroad – as a futsal coach, although he is clear about a premise for his successor: he will have the foundations to lead an exciting proposal. «He must trust the staff, the managers and work. That won’t be any problem. That dose of bad luck that we have had, in form this year of injuries. On the topic of bureaucracy we have learned. Within that, we are super structured, we know how that works. Whoever comes, the only thing he has to have is peace of mind, that there is a good group, a good team and that by trusting the people and with the support in Vista Alegre the next step can be taken», he added, without yet revealing his future whereabouts.

Josan González hugs José García Román at his farewell.

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