He has been sleeping at the Punta Arenas airport for 10 days

He has been sleeping at the Punta Arenas airport for 10 days
He has been sleeping at the Punta Arenas airport for 10 days

A story worthy of a movie is the one that lives Rhymes Meleshyusa 72 year old Russian citizen who has spent 10 nights in a row sleeping in the Carlos Ibáñez del Campo airportin the city of Puntas Arenas, Magallanes region.

This man arrived in Chile last year after an unusual event that led him to travel the country. However, Rimas lost his documentation, so until now he has not been able to solve his immigration situation, a fact that keeps him “trapped” in Chilean territory.

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Shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Chile: The incredible story of a Russian adventurer

Rimas Meleshyus arrived in Chile last year after he was shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean on October 14, near the coast of the hawaii islandsaccording to The Austral Press.

Rhymes Meleshyus (Facebook)

In his call for help, the French cruiser came “Le Commandant-Charcot”, the one who was traveling to Chile. This is how Meleshyus sailed with the crew for more than 18 days until reaching Punta Arenas on November 3. He was admitted to Chile for humanitarian reasons and welcomed by a family.


From then on he dedicated himself to traveling throughout Chile, visiting cities such as La Serena, Coquimbo and Valparaiso. Then, she returned to Patagonia, embarked from Chiloé to the Aysén region and then took another boat to Punta Arenas. To move around the country she sold some of his technological equipment that he managed to rescue from the shipwreck, such as cameras and navigation instruments.

However, upon returning to the south he has experienced a series of problems because in the shipwreck He lost his papers, so he has not been able to regularize his immigration status. You have made the entry, but He does not have the papers to leave.

Also, he has his cards bank and phone blocked. Given this, a community of sailing fans who follow him on blogs and through his Facebook have given him donations so that he can survive. For now, your accommodation continues to be the airport, so personnel from the Aeronautics Directorate He has given him personal belongings and some food.

Rhymes on your tour of Chile (Facebook)

A navigator who began his travels when he was over 60 years old

Despite having Russian nationality, Rimas Meleshyus was born in Lithuania the year 1951, although he has lived much of his life in Russia and Hawaii, as mentioned by La Prensa Austral.

He lived in Moscow until 1988, and then traveled to the United States to the Hawaiian Islands, where he has lived for the last few decades. working as a translator. This man speaks Russian, English, Lithuanian and Japanese.

He only began his hobby of sailing in 2012, when he was over 60 years old. Since that year he has undertaken countless adventures through the Pacific Ocean, traveling alone and with little knowledge of the sea.

Meleshyus Rhymes in Chile (Facebook)

It has even been shipwrecked on several occasions, like in the Alaska Akutan Island or again in the coasts of Mexico. That time He was missing for 122 days until appear in American Samoa.I have never been afraid, I love the oceans, the sea and sailing. I have very good memories of my trips,” Rimas tells The southern press.

The most striking thing of all is that His trips were made on sailboats that he received for free. after donations from other adventurers interested in its history and its sailing style, called “Kon Tiki”, in reference to the anthropologist Thor Heyerdahlwho crossed the Pacific on a wooden raft in 1947.

Now your plan is return to the port of Vladivostok, close to Japan, Korea and China. “I would like to sail under the Chilean flag from Patagonia (?) I really like sailing and I would like to prepare for November or December 2024 a travel to the Pacific islands, such as Juan Fernández and others“.

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