The Amazon – Diario Occident

The Amazon – Diario Occident
The Amazon – Diario Occident

It was back in the eighties when two films and a character sparked in my childhood a burning desire to know the Amazon.

The horror film Piraña, with the first topless that my eyes would see on the screen, and Cannibal Holocaust, in my opinion, the first film as a mockumentary that well deserves a separate note and which I promise to write. The character I am referring to was Kapax, a Colombian who became famous for swimming a considerable distance in the Amazon River.

For my childish eyes, the immense contrast between this Colombian, who wore an anaconda as a scarf, and the elegant Tarzan with whom Jane fell in love, starring Bo Derek, in the film released by the same time.

Forty years would pass before I managed to satisfy my wish. The immensity and majesty of the Amazon River are, truly, indescribable.

As I gazed at the freshwater colossus, I couldn’t help but conclude that the comparative size of rivers grows exponentially. From the Pance River, passing through our Cali River to Cauca, to the Amazon, there is no comparison.

I was absorbed in contemplation when Kapax himself, already in years, appeared and warned a group of tourists about the immense damage that deforestation has caused and will cause.

I listen to the wise man with attention and admiration. While I take a photo with the old Colombian Tarzan, I can’t stop thinking about how terrible it must be to have Cassandra’s curse: to be aware of a danger, like Kapax, and that no one listens.


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