Central Workers of Argentina: Entre Ríos

Central Workers of Argentina: Entre Ríos
Central Workers of Argentina: Entre Ríos

May 28, 2024
by CTA Entre Ríos

Yesterday, workers from Aerolíneas Argentinas enrolled in the CTA-T and authorities from the Central were received by Governor Rogelio Frigerio and Government Minister Manuel Troncoso, with whom they discussed the operation of the airline in Paraná and the efforts of the provincial government in order to preserve flights to the province.

“We participate in this instance to share the efforts that the governor has carried out and the actions that we have carried out at the union level to defend the connectivity of the province,” said the general secretary of CTA Entre Ríos, Sergio Elizar and added: “We agree on the importance that the connection has for the city and for the development of the entire province in terms of tourism, events and commercial matters. We also raise the importance that the flag line has in job creation, because it is not only about the 13 Aerolíneas workers but it indirectly generates more than 150 jobs.”

For its part, Carlos Franchi, local representative of the Aeronautical Personnel Association (APA-CTA) expressed: “We thanked the governor for the efforts made before the president of the company to guarantee the 8 weekly frequencies that we had in Paraná. “We were able to exchange and transmit concerns and proposals regarding the operation on our scale.” At the same time, he highlighted: “The intersectoral dialogue with the various actors that we promote from CTA was very important to make this situation visible. Install it on the public agenda and also give it volume along with the efforts of the provincial government, which has borne fruit.”

As a result of the meeting, both the provincial government and the union headquarters agreed to continue the dialogue to guarantee the provision of flights to Paraná.


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