Excited applause was felt in the Gabriel González Videla Hall after the approval, by the Regional Council, of the financing of nearly 5 billion pesos, for the completion of the sewage network project and improvement of drinking water and basic services in the sector El Sauce, ending a heartfelt demand that had not been attended to for more than 20 years.

The initiative, developed by the municipality of Coquimbo, contemplates the construction of a gravity sewage network for El Sauce, for $4,929 million and considers the execution of works in 18 months for 3,740 linear meters of PVC, 64 chambers, 11 connections to the existing network and 316 household sewer connections. In drinking water, it considers works to replace matrices, valves and 21 fire taps; 254 starts will be replaced and 62 new starts will be added, among other works.
Mayor Ali Manouchehri accompanied the leaders during the session, considering that the completion of this project is a priority of his management and was prepared by the professionals of the Community Planning Secretariat of the municipality of Coquimbo.
“It is impossible not to be excited after this great news of this approval of a historic, emblematic project, many years ago these people had been fighting for something so basic that many people are used to that has to do with the sewage network and water , today to have the opportunity to approve this and eternally thank the governor, the councilors, the fight that each of the residents of the El Sauce sector has given after many years, to have the opportunity to approve and Seeing their joy is something for us, for me as mayor it is priceless, very grateful for the work that has been done, there are almost $5 billion in financing from the Regional Government that comes to fulfill a dream, a desire but mainly to give dignity to these neighbors “.

After the approval of the Regional Council, Governor Krist Naranjo was “happy for the community of El Sauce that today can be a little calmer, finally knowing that its sewage system is going to be executed,” considering that it was a project that dragged on for years and that it is also part of “a debt to different sectors of our region and the Regional Government is helping with this with concrete money to achieve this dream that the neighbors longed for. The commitment of the Regional Government is to improve the quality of life of each of the people with sanitation, with rural electrification. and access to water, we realized that there are places where it is still lacking, therefore, very happy.
Juan Barraza Astorga, regional councilor and president of the Territory and Social Development and Investment commission of the Regional Government, along with highlighting the initiative as a new step for development in sectors such as El Sauce, raised the commitment to continue working on other complementary projects. to incorporate other sectors such as Las Lomas and La Rinconada. “Seeing the happiness of them who have been waiting since 2009 until 2024 and this has materialized, makes us all very happy and especially the residents of El Sauce. The commitment of the Regional Government is and to work now between the Government Regional, Subdere, the municipality and the private company that is Aguas del Valle”.


Social leaders, residents of the sector applauded the measure and classified it as “historic”, something that is no small thing if one considers that the El Sauce sector, along with Las Lomas and La Rinconada, have a high population density, made up of more of 1,800 families, of which no more than 735 have Rural Drinking Water service and none have sewerage, using septic tanks, cesspools and latrines as their replacement.

Nibaldo González, president of the El Sauce Neighborhood Council, described “a historic day for El Sauce”, this approval. Excitedly, he thanked each of the congratulations, remembering that it was a team effort supported by the municipality of Coquimbo. “We are 8 people who work as directors of the neighborhood association and I am not alone (…) Thank the regional councilors because it was really what we expected, we only have 3 steps left, now comes the review of the Comptroller’s Office, then comes the publication on the municipality’s portal to call for bids and the execution of the project”.

Clara Cea has lived in El Sauce since 2009 and watched as the years went by and each sewage construction project for the sector was rejected. “We always came across something, there were always observations, there were always obstacles for us, we knocked on doors, they closed the door on us. We were humiliated in many ways because we were not listened to and this is historic, I mean, I can’t hold back the emotion. Thank you to the governor, mayor, cores and all those who were there supporting us.

Along with the financing for the construction of sewerage and improvement of drinking water for El Sauce, the agreement of the Regional Council also establishes the commitment of the municipality of Coquimbo to apply for financing to the FNDR in 2025 for the La Rinconada sewerage project with an estimated investment at $10.3 billion and apply to the FNDR 2026 for the Las Lomas project at a cost of 1.8 billion pesos.

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