They arrest a thief caught red-handed in Villa Clara

They arrest a thief caught red-handed in Villa Clara
They arrest a thief caught red-handed in Villa Clara

A thief was caught red-handed while stealing from a picnic area in the city of Sagua La Grande, in Villa Clara, and detained by residents and police officers.

A video published on the Fuerza del Pueblo Facebook profile, related to the Ministry of the Interior, shows the moment when citizens and police agents discover the young man, identified as Daniel Portalesin the premises located on Luis Mesa Street between Calixto García and Carmen Rivalta, where he entered to rob.

The brief audiovisual, from which the original sound was removed to add action movie music, captures in 29 seconds how the criminal was arrested when he was trying to carry out the crime. heist.

Probably alerted by some noise, the neighbors had to call the police. In the images, a man opens the gate and the door of the establishment and another – whom they identify in the comments as the owner of the establishment – enters, forcibly removes the young man and throws him violently against the pavement, while two police officers only watch. .

Immediately afterwards, one of the officers picks him up and, after a cut of the video, he is seen being led in handcuffs to a police vehicle.

The note, which is full of praise for the members of the MININT, does not give details of the goods and items that the detainee intended to steal.

In the comments of the publication, several people questioned the PNR officers for allowing civilians to intervene, instead of fulfilling their responsibility as authorities in the area. arrest of the thief.

The profile tried to justify the actions of the police by claiming that the citizen who took the criminal out to the street is the owner of the premises, to which several users responded in disagreement.

“Please… The PNR has a legal obligation before citizens, especially when we deal with issues of protection and security, and if you now try to omit such obligation you are very badly placed, since it is up to the PNR to protect people and act as it matches. So let’s get the facts straight… the agents were timid and their participation has been secondary…,” said a man.

“Well, if the citizen is the owner of the premises, he had more courage than the police, in the town there is strength,” said a woman, while a young woman was more categorical: “The police are afraid, you can see it in the video.” .

Others thought that the video was cut and they did not show everything that happened.

And while several applauded the authorities’ action against crime, some urged that the same determination and firmness be applied to the corrupt leaders.

“I say that they should stand for the corrupt leaders, that there are many resigning, but with two or three palates that they have made by stealing at the expense of the people. They settle and now they give up, those are easy to catch. Let’s see if the salary is enough for them to get what they have. Although if the leaders fall behind, Cuba will be left without a board of directors,” said a young man.

Cuba suffers a crime wave, marked by an increase in robberies and assaultsand a growing rise in the rate of violence, although government authorities persist in minimizing the facts and attribute to social networks a false perception that more crimes are committed in the country.

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