They denounce a teacher for abuse in Neuquén: they assure that a teacher and the directors are complicit

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Neuquén initiated an investigation against a teacher at school 154after the complaint they made mothers of seventh grade students due to events that occurred at a camp. A group of parents accused the directors and a teacher of “cover-up.”

Prosecutor’s Office sources indicated that the prosecutor of the Carolina Mauri case took two complaints. «The content of the complaints is that the professor “He hugged two students from behind and they felt uncomfortable,” They pointed out when asked by this medium.

They expanded that the prosecutor gave intervention to the Ombudsman for children and adolescentsand. In addition, interviews were requested with school directors.

Natalia, one of the students’ mothers, said that the boys They were in a camp on Linares Street in the background, which began last Monday and ended on Wednesday. In a conversation with this medium, she said that later one of the students told her mother that a teacher “had touched her.” After that, the mother notified the rest of the parent group. She pointed out that as far as they could tell, seven students “were groped” by a teacher who teaches Social Sciences and Mathematics.

He added that later they approached the school and They spoke with the Physical Education teacher and the director and vice-principal, but “they say it was misinterpreted.” He said that “they are accomplices because they covered this” and stated that they knew what had happened but had not reported anything. “We found out from the kids,” he said.

According to what they indicated, it occurred between Monday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 22.

They denounce a teacher for abuse: no classes in seventh grade

Natalia said that after the events at campseventh grade students did not attend classes again. “They are afraid,” he noted. He said that what is happening now is that students are trying to change schools, but “there are no banks” in other places.

“The kids don’t want to go back to school and the only solution they gave us was to change them to the morning shift,” Cintia said through her social networks. another of the mothers of the educational community.

According to what they said, everything happened while the game “the mirror” was being played.

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