Cuban regime threatens sanctions against those who do not work or study

Cuban regime threatens sanctions against those who do not work or study
Cuban regime threatens sanctions against those who do not work or study

Editorial of CubitaNOW ~ Tuesday May 28, 2024

Cuban authorities have issued an ultimatum to citizens who do not study or work, blaming them for the economic crisis facing the country. In the television program “Making Cuba”, the president of the Supreme Court Chamber, Ileana Gómez Guerra, indicated that those with “inadjustable conduct” could be warned by the police to seek employment or resume their studies. Ignoring these warnings could lead to penalties for “disobedience,” including prison sentences of six months to one year, fines of one hundred to three hundred installments, or both.

Political scientist Dimas Castellanos told Martí Noticias that Cubans do not want to work due to low salaries, and criticized the government for trying to force young people to work through measures that he considers unconstitutional. Castellanos pointed out that the current situation is critical, since many young people prefer to emigrate and the population has lost fear of government reprisals.

Simón Cecchini, director of the Latin American and Caribbean Demographic Center (CELADE), explained to Bloomberg that the decline in the workforce in Cuba is worsened by the low birth rate and migration. The National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI) warned in June 2023 about the significant reduction in the workforce in the near future, based on the 2022 National Occupation Survey.

Colonel Rogelio Luis Lazo, head of the Specialized Investigation and Prosecution Body of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), declared that the police will monitor those who do not justify their income legally and those prone to committing crimes. Lazo urged mass organizations and citizens to report these people to the authorities.

Iván Hernández Carrillo, Secretary General of the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba, expressed concern about the regime’s threats, suggesting that they could unleash a wave of repression against those who do not work for various reasons. Hernández Carrillo highlighted that job insecurity and low salaries are the main reasons why Cubans do not seek employment in the state sector.

To address the workforce shortage, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security has organized “Job Fairs,” although economist Orlando Freyre Santana noted that these events have had limited results, as salaries are not enough to motivate workers. .

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