Neighbors of Pozo El Mistol demand housing

Neighbors of Pozo El Mistol demand housing
Neighbors of Pozo El Mistol demand housing

May 28, 2024 – 7:35 p.m.

Families that reside precariously in the Mas Saadi subdivision, located in the town of El Mistol Well in Valle Viejo, they demonstrated this Tuesday, to ask for the immediate resumption of housing construction that the Ministry of Housing and Urbanization had started months ago.

This is a group of 25 families who in 2022 were evicted from the “La Laguna” settlement in Santa Rosa, and then relocated to this lot, located near the municipal cemetery.

The protesters recalled that, when they were granted the land, they were promised the construction of homes, but to date, only the platforms where the housing modules would be built have been built.

“They removed all the workers because the government does not pay them, that’s what the architect of the company that is building the homes told us. They only built the stalls and they stayed there. We ask that they continue with the work,” said one of the protesters, while Another woman added: “There is a rumor that they are going to build some homes, but we are not going to allow that to be the case, we want the homes that they promised us for everyone,” she exclaimed.

Although these families, made up mainly of single mothers and children, have been living in precarious conditions for two years, the situation has become unsustainable “We cannot continue waiting any longer, living in these conditions with cold now and in summer with heat, wrapped in plastic and cardboard,” said one of the women,

In addition, neighbors denounced the lack of support from the municipality of Valle Viejo. “No one comes from the municipality, they don’t know how we are living, now with these cold days we are having a very bad time,” they said.

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