ASSA transferred water supply works to the municipality of Sauce Viejo

ASSA transferred water supply works to the municipality of Sauce Viejo
ASSA transferred water supply works to the municipality of Sauce Viejo

The mayor of the city of Sauce Viejo, Dr. Mario Papaleo, signed with representatives of ASSA the agreement for the transfer of the drinking water transportation works that connects the Desvío Arijón aqueduct with the city’s distribution plant, from where it is injected. in the home network that today covers around 50 percent of the urban area.

The works transferred to the city of Sauce Viejo were carried out with provincial and municipal funds and required 3 years of work, with some delays as a result of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The municipality of Sauce Viejo provides drinking water to the central part of the city and will incorporate three neighborhoods into the network, which is carried out under the improvement contribution system, which are Newbery, Nueva Detroit and Altos del Valle.

Sauce Viejo, like several municipalities and communes in the province, has a contract with the ASSA company through which it provides water at a certain rate that, according to what the city mayor, Mario Papaleo, reported, multiplied in recent months, to the point that the bill that the municipality must pay went from 250 thousand pesos per month to 3 million.

Once the water is provided from the Aqueduct, the municipality, through cisterns where it accumulates, distributes it to the neighbors through the installed networks and charges them both for the water they consume and for the maintenance of the networks and the rest. of the infrastructure necessary for the service to function efficiently.

Looking forward, the mayor reported that there are 23 lots underway in the city in the municipality that are required to enable works to provide drinking water to avoid the proliferation of wells that provide poor quality water.

In Sauce Viejo they estimate that in the next 10 years around 10 thousand people will move to live there, something like another city, which is why new works are needed to face this migration such as a new connection with the aqueduct that is parallel to which ASSA transferred on Friday, otherwise the service will not be able to have the necessary quality.

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