The house of the famous Colombia: Former participants complain about the last votes

The house of the famous Colombia: Former participants complain about the last votes
The house of the famous Colombia: Former participants complain about the last votes

Several of the former participants of The House of the Famous Colombia, a program on the RCN Channel that is already reaching its final stage, put on doubts the results of the latest production votes, after two participants from the “papilente” team were eliminated”, which were considered by many to be sure finalists.

Last Sunday, May 19, the reality show had one of its most surprising eliminations for viewers, after the influencer, Natalia Segura, who has more than nine million followers on Instagram, was the least voted to remain the house; A week later, it was Ornella Sierra’s turn to leave the place, a result that caused several people to question the transparency of the results.

La Segura against La Casa de los Famosos Colombia

After her friend left the reality show, in which only seven participants remain in competitionNatalia Segura published a video on her Instagram account in which she suggests that the RCN Channel production already knows who is going to win La casa de los Famosos Colombia, so she feels that she wasted her time by participating in this production.

“End this now. We already know who is going to win. What’s the point, Ornella came in before Karen and me. I feel like I literally lost three months of my life in a place where I stay with people in my heart that I will carry forever, but as such it wasn’t worth it; “Be there for what?” Said the influencer who closed she seems to know things that few imagine when stating: “I swear I loose my tongue like a roll of cloth.”

Culotaur in disagreement

Camilo Díaz, comedian and former participant of La Casa de los Famosos who is known as Culotauro, also referred to the latest voting results, pointing out that the votes would be controlled or manipulated by the Channel.

“With Ornella’s departure it really is like proof that one does not control anything and that, perhaps, it is an equal game. It’s angry when you met those people (…) from the moment you left the safe house it’s like, what’s happening?… Give the prize to the galacticos”said the young man.

It should be remembered that in The competition has seven participants remaining, three from the “galactic” team, who are: Martha Isabel Bolaños, Julián Trujillo and Sebastián González; while the “los papillentes” team, who have been harshly criticized on social networks, are Karen Sevillano, Miguel Melfi, Pantera and Alfredo Redes.

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