In the midst of the conflict over prepaid payments, Health reorganized the cabinet and fired key officials

In the midst of the conflict over prepaid payments, Health reorganized the cabinet and fired key officials
In the midst of the conflict over prepaid payments, Health reorganized the cabinet and fired key officials

In the middle of conflict over prepaidthe Minister of Health, Mario Russo, He reorganized his cabinet’s organizational chart, whose process had begun with the incorporation of Cecilia Loccisano as Secretary of Administrative Management. According to her, she was able to know TNthis restructuring seeks strengthen area management. The appointments will become effective in the next few hours. Front-line officials from the ministry also left.

In that process, the Chief of Staff of the ministry will be in the hands of the current director of the El Cruce Hospital, Ignacio Grossoinstead of Silvia Margarita Prieri.

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Replacing Andrés Roberto Scarsi (former Minister of Health under the Vidal administration in Buenos Aires), he will join as Secretary of Access and Equity in Health, Pablo Bertoldi, current director of the Posadas Hospital; while Hernan Cohen will be the new Undersecretary of Health Planning and Programming, instead of Hernán Seoane.

To take over as undersecretary, Cohen will leave the National Directorate in charge of Dadse and the delivery of oncological drugs, which ministry sources assure is already normalized.

On the list of those will remain within the team of the Ministry of Health, Leonardo Busso will continue to lead the Secretariat of Quality in Health; Roberto Moro, as Secretary of Comprehensive Drug Policies; Paula Zingoni how sUndersecretary of Sectoral Relations and Articulationand Enrique Rifourcat as Undersecretary of Institutes and Supervision.

The prepaid conflict led to changes in the Health Cabinet

Russo’s decision to restructure his work teamIt was known a day after the Government reached an agreement with the prepaid medicine companiesafter an extensive hearing called by Judge Juan Rafael Stinco.

The companies They promised to return in 12 months what was collected above inflation between January and April and it was agreed that in June, the fees will be updated by the deposit rate of Banco Nación (it is the one paid by fixed-term deposits) and from July, the tariffs will be adjusted “freely.”

According to the document, companies They undertake to reincorporate “under equal conditions and without restrictions or penalties.” some to those who have been discharged for lack of payment due to increases.”

Prepaid companies increased the value of their installments every month of the year after President Javier Milei decided not to intervene in prices. Tariffs showed increases of 30% in January, 26% in February, 23% in March and 19% in April.

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Afteraccuse them of “cartelization” and to apply excessive increases that “hit the middle class“, the Government increased the tension and He denounced them in court, through the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (CNDC). Then ordered them to adjust the increases by the Consumer’s price index (CPI). What remained to be defined was how the overcharged amount would be returned and that Monday they reached an agreement.

Sorted the topic, Russo decided to move forward with the restructuring of the ministerial organization chart.

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