Quindío Development Plan was approved unanimously in the departmental assembly

Quindío Development Plan was approved unanimously in the departmental assembly
Quindío Development Plan was approved unanimously in the departmental assembly


In plenary session, The Departmental Assembly of Quindío unanimously approved Ordinance Project 005 – Departmental Development Plan 2024-2027 ‘By and For the People’. This plan has a budget of 2 billion 104,169 million pesos for the next four years.

The document has 4 strategic lines, 17 sectors, 46 programs, 304 products and 353 indicatorswill be essential to guide the actions of the departmental government in the coming years.

At Caracol Radio we talk to the Quindío deputy of the Historical Pact Jessica Obando who explained “it is a pleasure to announce that the Departmental Assembly Together we approved the departmental Development Plan roughly four strategic lines, the first participatory social inclusion, the second everything concerning the productive sector the third territorial convergence which is where large infrastructure processes were developed, but also climate change and energy transformations the fourth line territorial government and two special chapters, the peace chapter which is a triumph for all of us and for us in the department of Quindío it is a change of paradigm and likewise an ethnic chapter an ethnic chapter that recognizes the knowledge, the traditions, that intercultural relationship that we must have in the department of Quindío because we are a territory that “It has been built from the diversity and plurality of its people”


And he added “so things are great challenges in each of the strategic lines in health matters we have an important challenge in primary health care, in Culture, Education and Sports We achieve that these sectors will really be articulated so that they can guide the single school day, we also guarantee the inclusion of diverse communities and populations of women, the recognition of the work of women but also the prevention of the violence that we are suffering from on their part. valuable, all the cultural development of the department requires a cultural renewal and that is why it was very important to put the record in the cultural sector that will generate those possibilities of transformation of that national plan that was approved in the last semester of last year to the race and that Of course it requires review.


In the tourism sector in the department of Quindío but this It has to go hand in hand with clear planning that recognizes the importance of our strategic ecosystems for life that it is not extractive tourism, but rather planned tourism, cultural tourism, environmental tourism, tourism that truly enhances the Coffee Cultural Landscape and that limits carrying capacities and establishes controls so that we do not have these realities that we live in today. department of Quindío.


In terms of agriculture, very important give order to the Agriculture sector, really identify the different agents in the value chains, that is, the suppliers, the producers, the processors, the marketers, and guarantee that the peasantry which is the one that puts the entire workforce into truly receiving a decent and fair payment for the work and for all the value that these products incorporate, but also promoting something that in the department we do not know and that is the industry, the transformation of materials. raw materials for export and to really position products that are generated in this department with a very high quality, but that when we go to this international process, their value is not recognized so widely and therefore does not generate wealth in its population.


We bet very strongly and decisively with the support of environmentalists of men and women who have historically defended the territory and we managed to consolidate important elements first of all the issue of good care or at least the guidelines so that it effectively hThere is efficient use of water in the department of Quindío so that we can really process garbage so that we can confront climate changeso that we provide environmental education so that as boys and girls, from that very important base of our social structuring, we can transform the ways of seeing the territory of producing food.

The governor of Quindío Juan Miguel Galvis

Governor of Quindío and the development plan

The president stated: “I want to give a very special message to the Quindians, we are working hand in hand and thanks to the deputies who were in all that adventure making this proposal for this Development Plan. Here it was not just the idea of ​​the governor or the farmer, the deputies were immersed in the discussion of this Development Plan. I am very happy because it is a plan that in the next 4 years will be built by and for the people.”

The Quindío development plan has been filed with an investment of more than 2 billion pesos…

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