Residents of Camagüey will rebuild pedestrian bridge

Residents of Camagüey will rebuild pedestrian bridge
Residents of Camagüey will rebuild pedestrian bridge

Given the inefficiency of the Castro dictatorship in solving the problems of Cubans, they have been forced to resolve with their own means situations that it is up to the State to solve.

In that sense, it was recently learned that some residents of the city of Camagüey, specifically in the Buenos Aires neighborhood, decided to rebuild a pedestrian bridge with their own resources and taking materials from abandoned works, which there are plenty of on the communist island.

The information was made known through the Castro newspaper Adelante, where it was reported that a person who responds to the name of Alicia Cervantes contacted the media to inform about this decision.

Although the Castro dictatorship tries to make this look like something “normal”, the reality is that it represents another example of the failed communist model, and how Cubans find themselves helpless when a major problem is presented to them.

Furthermore, the same report adds that the complaint about the precarious conditions of the bridge were supposedly reported in that newspaper and that Comunales responded that it could provide a solution next year.

“It informs us that the reconstruction is underway “on its own” of the pedestrian bridge that, for years, destroyed by floods, was a proposal in constituency assemblies and a complaint presented in this section, for which, Comunales responded, there would be a possible solution next year. next”, explains the note from the aforementioned media outlet of the dictatorship.

Likewise, it was learned that the pedestrian bridge that will be rebuilt by the same residents of Camagüey connects the Buenos Aires neighborhood with Villa Mariana.

However, some Cubans on social networks, in addition to criticizing the dictatorship for not fulfilling what it promises, and keeping the people subjected to misery, also expressed concern about this situation because there is a risk of registering a disaster with that bridge and the dictatorship ends up blaming the neighbors.

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