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With the motto Reading brings us together, the 19th Filven will be installed in the states of Portuguesa, from May 29 to 31, and in Amazonas, from May 30 to June 1.

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In Portuguesa, the meeting with letters will take place in Acarigua, at the La Espiga monument, while in Amazonas the event will be in Puerto Ayacucho, at the Amazonas Cultural Center.

These regional editions of the country’s greatest literary festival are organized by the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture, through the National Book Center (Cenal) and State Culture Cabinets, in coordination with regional authorities.

Both Portuguese and Amazonians will be able to access literary news and enjoy book presentations, talks, conferences, workshops and various artistic and cultural expressions. Girls and boys will be able to enjoy spaces dedicated to them on both days.

Tributes in Portuguese and Amazonas

The 19th Filven pays tribute to the national writers Carmen Delia Bencomo, Domingo Alberto Rangel and Armando Carías.

In Portuguesa, the regional writers honored are Eva Medina, a poet born in Araure, author of the environmentalist children’s story “Pececito” and the book “All your dreams”, published by El perro y la rana, and Silvio de Jesús Mora Ochoa, a Guanareño who He has stood out as a poet, chronicler, political analyst, broadcaster, columnist, columnist, political and communications consultant, teacher and deputy to the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, in Amazonas the writers honored are Nieves Azuaje, Reina Quero and Luis Güinare.

Nieves Azuaje, born in San Fernando de Atabapo, wise of the Baré people, is an educator with more than 20 years of experience as a reading and writing promoter, recognized with the Puerto Ayacucho order in its first class. She currently directs the Baré linguistic niche Kawei Jimiye and has written several compilation works, including “Achelekawaka”, “Myths and Legends of the Baré People” and “Durucubite”, based on the spirituality of the Baré.

Reina Quero, born on the shores of a lagoon in San Juan de Manapiare, is also an educator who has developed a love for nature and reading and writing since she was a child. A defender of the multiculturalism of the Amazonas state, she has published poems in various anthologies and has exhibited her drawings and paintings at fairs and exhibitions.

For his part, Luis Güinare is a writer, plastic artist, musician and cultural promoter born in San Fernando de Atabapo. He is the author of two works: “Haunted Lagoon”, published by the publishing house El perro y la rana (2015) and “An adventure in the Amazon” (Cinc). He is currently dedicated to the promotion of art, culture and the compilation of local chronicles of the Atabapo municipality.

National guest writers

The Portuguese Filven will feature the participation of the writers Armando Carías, national author honored at the 19th Filven, and Gustavo Silva, while in Amazonas Lilia Ana Márquez and Alberto Rodríguez will be present.

Armando Carías is a social communicator, playwright, actor and theater director, founder of children’s theater groups. He is the author of books such as The Middle of the Street and Toy News, published by The Dog and the Frog, and Duro Ya La Cabeza. The children’s theater of Armando Carías, edited by Monte Ávila.

Gustavo Silva is a sociologist, author of the book Cimarronaje cultural de lo affirmative Venezuelan in times of symbolic war, edited by El perro y la rana, and facilitator of several workshops, forums and conversations on decoloniality, history, theater, politics, culture, Afro-Venezuelanity, heritage, among other matters.

Lilia Ana Márquez Ugueto has been recognized for her contribution to the historical and educational understanding of Venezuela. She is the author of Mantuan Country – an essay on the philosophy of maroonage – in the key of insurgent history, published by El perro y la rana (2023). This work earned him the 2023 National Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation in the category of Best Work, mention in Social and Human Sciences: Afro-descendence and Decolonization.

Finally, Alberto Rodríguez is a writer, poet, musician, cultist and historian from Apure. His work is derived from many years of research to synthesize the history, passages and anecdotes related to San Fernando de Apure.

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