Congress approved bill

Congress approved bill
Congress approved bill

In the last hours, Senator Miguel Uribe announced, through your X account that the bill, which seeks to reactivate the days without VATwas approved in the last debate in the Senate.

According to what Uribe said, this initiative, which will go to conciliation, “It will help the recovery of commerce and industry, sectors hard hit by this terrible government.”

In addition, he emphasized that it is a project that promises to alleviate the pockets of Colombians, which ultimately serves the family economy of the entire country.

This being the case, there is “the possibility that this, or any other government, could put between 1 to 3 days without VAT, 2 more days in border areas, and which will be essential to generate Social Well-being.”

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Likewise, he took the opportunity to remember past days without VAT in which millions of Colombians can access certain goods, which otherwise they would not be able to buy.thanks to its price reduction.

“But also, this is the opportunity to stimulate commerce, industry, labor-intensive sectors at a time where The economy is contracting and is stagnant, this is a lifeline to the productive sector”he added.

Finally, he announced that it was possible to include national production, “in such a way that all Colombians, from commerce, industry and society in generalbenefit thanks to all the senators and representatives who were part of the approval of this project fundamental in the moment we are living, good news for Colombian families.”

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