Jocelín Azar, rector of the Polytechnic District University of Santa Marta

Jocelín Azar, rector of the Polytechnic District University of Santa Marta
Jocelín Azar, rector of the Polytechnic District University of Santa Marta

Jocelín Azar Nigrinis, took over as rector of the Santa Marta District Polytechnic University, during an event held in the office of Mayor Carlos Pinedo Cuello. She previously served as director of the SEPT.

The new rector is a business administrator, graduated from the Universidad del Norte, a specialist in Human Resources Management and has master’s degrees in Leadership and Development of Leadership Tools from Eidhi University. She has served as general manager of Delphin Florida (2000-2017), administrative director of Grupo Banasan (2010-2017) and is founder and general manager of HAGO SAS

Azar Negrinis must face, among other challenges, the administrative restructuring of the Polytechnic District University of Santa Marta and work on the design of academic programs for approval by the Ministry of National Education.

The district’s aspiration is to put the educational entity into operation in 2025. Another important challenge is to design and finance the physical infrastructure where the university will operate.

After more than 11 years, the Polytechnic University was approved by the Ministry of Education. However, according to statements by the head of the office’s Private Office, Safuat Atunes, the educational entity still does not have a budget.

“We found a university full of bureaucracy, underfunded, without a budget, created on paper; where they select and appoint a rector who resigns a month later. They leave the academic vice-rector in charge, who serves as rector and is also part of the superior council. There was no higher council but three people, in a completely gestational, embryonic state. So what was there to do? We met with them, we worked with the same people who are there watching how this development of the university continued, which is what the Samarians want and what the Ministry wants,” declared the private secretary, who also reported that this institution already has its Better advice.

For his part, Mayor Carlos Pinedo expressed on the matter: “Landing a project that was in the air for many years is the main challenge we face. The purpose is to build and revolutionize education in the district. The main challenges are working from scratch, turning an idea into a reality, moving from paper to concrete actions. We want a university that gives many Samaria the opportunity to access quality technical, technological and higher education. A university that offers new but competitive programs in the world of work not only in the region, but also in the country, in which comprehensive, competitive professionals are trained with a high sense of belonging to our beloved city.”

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