Bullring in Tesalia, Huila, is transformed into a volleyball court

Bullring in Tesalia, Huila, is transformed into a volleyball court
Bullring in Tesalia, Huila, is transformed into a volleyball court

This initiative from Tesalia, a municipality in Huila, It joins the expectations that the plenary session of the House of Representatives had when prohibiting bullfighting in Colombia, since the squares traditionally used for bullfighting practices may become places of art, culture, sports or concerts.

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In line with the approval of the project that the House of Representatives approved in the last debate, the bullring in Thessaly is transformed into a volleyball court and emerges as an initiative that seeks to give a new use to the space, turning it into a sports venue that promotes physical activity, recreation and healthy coexistence among inhabitants.

The news has been received with great enthusiasm by the Thessalian community, which sees in this project an opportunity to revitalize the area and offer new generations a space for healthy recreation. The volleyball court is expected to become an epicenter of local sports, hosting tournaments, training and events that promote citizen participation and talent development.

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The construction of the volleyball court will not only provide a new space for sports practice, but will also contribute to the economic and social development of Thessaly. The project is expected to generate new jobs, attract visitors and boost local commerce, boosting the municipality’s economy.

“Look at this beauty! In Tesalia, Huila, the old bullring, after years of abandonment, is now used to play beach volleyball. We went from animal abuse to sport. With our law, resources can be invested to improve these spaces and put them to good use,” celebrated Senator Esmeralda Hernández, author of the anti-bullfighting law.

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