Dangerous robbers captured in Armenia –

Author: Diego Fernando Tellez

The arrests took place in Armenia and Neiva.

Two individuals who had been spreading fear in different parts of the city of Armenia through robberies were captured by agents of the National Police in Quindío.

These are aliases ‘Caín’ and alias ‘Opita’ or ‘Burro’ who were arrested by units attached to the Criminal Investigation Section, Sijín, in compliance with two orders issued by the Attorney General’s Office.

Lieutenant Colonel Luis Fernando Atuesta Zárate, commander of the Police in the department, pointed out that these important results for citizen security were achieved thanks to the investigative work carried out by the police units based on the victims’ complaints.

“We continue with this marathon for security in Quindío and especially in Armenia and today we have this very good news in the fight against theft from people, thanks to coordinated work with the Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

He said that the arrest of these well-known criminals who had been mainly attacking the center of the Quindian capital was achieved, stealing from citizens their belongings such as money, cell phones, jewelry and others, even using firearms to intimidate the victims.

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“It is very satisfactory to announce that after the complaints it was possible to obtain arrest warrants for the location and arrest of these individuals, who once presented before a judge in the preliminary hearings were sent to prison, where today they await a sentence” , said the officer.

According to what was known, alias ‘Caín’ is involved in several cases of qualified and aggravated robbery, using the modality of robbery with a firearm to intimidate and strip his victims of their belongings.

With this capture, three incidents of robbery that occurred this year in the city of Armenia are clarified, in addition to the fact that this man has six notes for theft since 2015, which shows his recurrence in this type of acts.

For their part, to capture alias ‘Opita’ or ‘Burro’, the uniformed officers had to travel to the city of Neiva, Huila, where he was hiding. This individual is accused of qualified and aggravated robbery for events that occurred on November 30, 2023 in the San José de Armenia neighborhood where he intimidated a person with a firearm to take their belongings, including a sum of $7,800,000 pesos that had withdrawn minutes before from a banking correspondent.

This antisocial has judicial records for homicide, threats and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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