They paralyze educational work demanding solutions to the needs of the Conejo Technical Institution

Parents of the Institution blocking the entrance to the facilities, and demanding solutions to their needs.

Parents of the family Rabbit Technical Institution They took over the facilities and blocked the entrance to the campus, demanding solutions to the multiple needs that the educational center suffers from.

With banners and covering their heads with umbrellas, to avoid getting wet due to the persistent drizzle that fell, they demanded so much from the administration of the mayor of Fonseca, Micher Pérez Fuentes and to the departmental Secretary of Education, the construction of new classrooms and sanitary batteries. They also ask for a solution to the water supply.

Ladys Diana Ochoa Oliveros.
Ladys Diana Ochoa Oliveros.

We have carried out a peaceful takeover and we are not going to let teachers, students or administrative staff enter, meanwhile the local leader or representatives of the La Guajira government are present to provide us with a solution to the problem we are facing, we will continue in fighting for the defense of our children and students” said a mother protester.

Parents indicated that, due to the growth in the student population, the teaching staff needs to be provided with other classrooms.

This media outlet established dialogue with the departmental Secretary of Education, Ladys Ochoa Oliveroswho indicated to the editorial staff that he was unaware of the situation in the Institution, but that it was not unrelated to the needs of the different Educational Institutions of the non-certified municipalities,We are in the formulation stage of the Territorial Development Plan project and upon its approval we will begin the materialization of those goals that we have there.”.

It is unfortunate that this type of situation occurs in the Department, we do know that there is a need for infrastructure and the Governor’s administration is in an initial, diagnostic stage, recognizing the state of the establishments, of course once the Plan is approved of Territorial Development we will begin the work that is necessary to be able to meet these infrastructure needs in the establishments of the 12 non-certified municipalities“said the head of the educational portfolio.



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