Cyberday Chile 2024: The best tips to take advantage of the offers | Present

Cyberday Chile 2024: The best tips to take advantage of the offers | Present
Cyberday Chile 2024: The best tips to take advantage of the offers | Present

There are only a few days left until Cyberday 2024! So if you were waiting for this date to buy some things you had your eye on, your time has come. This online event stands out for collect the best discounts on the market on a single date, or in this case three.

According to various media sources, the next Cyberday in Chile will begin the early morning of June 3, extending until Wednesday the 5th of the same month. These days stand out because several brands or companies coordinate to reduce their prices on different products.

So there are only a few days left to prepare and carefully review what you want to buy. next week.

Tips for Cyberday Chile 2024

  1. Check prices in advance of products of interest, to see how much next week’s offers are worth it.
  2. Register in advance on the websites of the brands you plan to buy, to have an account when making the purchase. But be careful! Make sure it is an official site.
  3. Compare prices between stores, For example, if you are looking for a computer, quote it on different websites.
  4. Be clear about list of necessary thingsAt the time of sales it is easy to get carried away by the prices and not buy what you need.
  5. Require proof of purchaseremember to keep a copy if necessary (taking a screenshot never fails).
  6. Review in advance the terms and conditions of promotionsso as not to fall into false advertising.

Two pages to compare prices online are: and

Security advice

Unfortunately, something that must always be kept in mind is cybersecurity, and especially at this time.

  1. Check that the URL of the page you are visiting is official. For this you can confirm it by searching for the web address through Google, for example.
  2. Don’t trust offers that are too good. Keep in mind the normal market prices or compare them with other stores to be sure.
  3. Do not follow strange links, we recommend ignoring text messages from an unknown sender, since you could fall into scams.


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