Students will enjoy “Insomnia Experience: living the seventh art in education”

Students will enjoy “Insomnia Experience: living the seventh art in education”
Students will enjoy “Insomnia Experience: living the seventh art in education”

Insomnia Teatro Condell launched its project “Insomnia Experience: living the seventh art in education” with the participation of Javier Esnaola, Seremi de Cultura of the Region; Marcela Juica, Regional Head of Education and Training in Art (MINCAP) and Violeta León, head of mediation at the Directorate of Cultural Development of the Municipality of Valparaíso. The project was born in 2018 to allow various educational communities in Valparaíso to watch and talk about cinema through films that address topics that go hand in hand with the academic curriculum and the Citizen Training plan of the Ministry of Education.

The Insomnia Experience consists of the exhibition of free films, documentaries and short films for educational communities and each scheduled function has a subsequent mediation activity to critically reflect with the students regarding various aspects and themes addressed in the film, documentary or short film. In this version of the year 2024, the Insomnia Experience will have a total of 20 functions distributed in both semesters of the school year thanks to the financing of the Support Program for Collaborating Cultural Organizations (PAOCC) and the Fund for the Promotion of Art in Education (FAE).

Javier Esnaola, Seremi de Cultura of the Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage of the Valparaíso region, positively valued this initiative: “we understand the importance and role that INSOMNIA plays, in this case with the INSOMNIA Experience project, so that boys, girls and young people from different educational establishments in the region can appreciate and have the opportunity to go to an unconventional cinema, to a room open to the public where they are the protagonists to have real artistic experiences, not just watching a movie and nothing more, but also having mediation experiences where reflection is allowed, understanding artistic and cinematographic language better. This initiative for us as a Ministry is extremely important, it has to be replicated in other territories, understanding the importance that artistic education has today in the region and throughout the country.”

Carla Godoy, manager and mediator of the INSOMNIA Experience, explained that her objective: “in addition to integrating the seventh art in education, is to link cinema as an educational tool and, through cinema, to be able to reflect on topics that are important and that Sometimes in the curriculum they are not visualized theoretically, but through cinema we can look at it, visualize it, travel to other places and from this tool we can develop these reflections and also be able to enjoy it collectively.

For her part, Violeta León, in charge of mediation of the Directorate of Cultural Development of the Municipality of Valparaíso, pointed out that: “cinema, art, literature and the other visual arts that we see and experience in the city of Valparaíso are a great contribution from raising awareness of our reality, from being able to form critical thinking in our girls, boys and adolescents through being able to observe other realities and stories in terms of their relationship with universal themes such as love, travel, social situations that we also face such as poverty, war, economic and social difficulties. Therefore, cinema and art and this experience like the one Insomnia is proposing are a great contribution to forming critical thinking and an increasingly humanistic society that we need so much.”

The complete cycle of the Insomnia Experience includes the themes: Building community, Migration and cultural diversity, Environment and defense of the earth, Women who inspire, Collective memory and fundamental rights, Gender Equity and Sexual Diversity. From the second semester, the films will be screened: Mari mari, Wall-e, Tomorrow, Gaia’s Journey, Frida, Cantar con Significa: A Biography of Violeta Parra, Temple Grandin, Akeelah Contra Todos, Meeting Point, Today and Not Tomorrow , Persepolis, Girl rising, I am a boy and Billy Elliot.

Registration will be open from Monday, June 3. The entire cycle schedule and the application form will be available at

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