Dibulla went from being a municipality of panic to becoming the calmest in the north of Guajiro

Odacir Ospino, Secretary of the Government of Dibulla.

They are preparing a Dialogue Table to work on the pacification of the families who face gunshot wounds in La Punta de los Remedios

Despite the serious problems that arose in the jurisdiction of Dibulla last year in matters of public order and citizen security, at the close of the first hundred days of the mayor’s administration Alberto Montero Molinaturned their problems 180 degrees, to the point that, in that period, it is one of the few municipalities with zero violent deaths, a situation that keeps them very optimistic, according to the Government Secretary, Odacir Ospino.

Ospino Bermúdez explained that a good part of the most horrendous homicides with dismembered people who were then placed in sacks that they abandoned at the entrance to paths that lead to the mountains, were events that did not occur in the municipality, but the violent people had taken that territory to leave the fruit of their confrontations with enemies.

Lawyer Odacir also explained that the success in reaching this situation, which keeps them very happy due to the considerable drop in violence, has also been possible with the effective participation of the investigators of the Attorney General’s Office and its Technical Investigations Corps. CTI.

The secretary said that he took advantage of the circumstance of the interview to send a message to the governor Jairo Aguilarwho pledged his word by announcing that he would be supporting the initiative of the Dialogue Table with resources from different orders in order to pacify a family that is in conflict in the La Punta de los Remedios district and that, in addition to generating a lot of panic in the community local, has caused tourists from the region to stop visiting the town for fear of the conflict that is already known in different circles.

The official indicated that the mayor is very interested in this Dialogue Table ending up being a reality with the work that they are contributing from the Local Government Secretariat and the support of the Department’s Secretary of Government. Misael Velásquez Granadillo.



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